Observations of America


  1. There are guns.
  2. There are gun shops.
  3. There are guns for sale at Walmart.
  4. Guns
  5. The roads are huge
  6. Everyone drives, because everything is far away from everything
  7. The cars are backwards
  8. They drive on the other (wrong) side of the road
  9. The meals are huge
  10. People say ‘Have a nice day’ when they don’t know you
  11. Racism is a thing
  12. The rich/poor divide is massive
  13. There are a lot of homeless people
  14. You can get things a lot cheaper in America
  15. English money to American money is great!
  16. Obama seems pretty awesome. Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are running for president.
  17. A trash can is a bin and garbage is rubbish
  18. A Southern accent is amazing
  19. Southern people are some of the most hospitable I have ever met
  20. They can’t drink until 21, which means there is a lot of under 21’s drinking in hotels/houses/parks
  21. In New Orleans you can drink on the street
  22. They only just got a health care system
  23. They don’t know what a surname is
  24. Pants are trousers
  25. They are way more enthusiastic than we are
  26. If someone asks how are you, they generally want to know.
  27. Crisps are chips and chips are french fries. Chippy chips are not a thing here. Neither are chunky chips.
  28. Hash browns are not hash browns. They are just small cut up potatoes.
  29. Chocolate is called candy. And is terrible.
  30. Bacon is small and streaky.
  31. The food is very different. But Fro-Yo is huge, and is amazing.
  32. American football is THE sport. It is confusing. It is very important.
  33. The buildings aren’t very old.
  34. If you ask where someone is from, they will tell you there whole family history. ‘Part Irish, part Italian, part French, Part poodle’ but I was born in San Francisco.
  35. Americans are very patriotic.

America is an awesome place, with awesome and very interesting people!


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