Observations of Canada (By a Brit)


  1. Canadians greet you with ‘how are you?’
  2. They actually expect an answer.
  3. giphyThey say eh?
  4. They don’t actually say ‘aboot’, not like you think anyway.
  5. You can get any meal you don’t finish in a ‘to go’ box.giphy-2
  6. A ‘mickey’ is a small bottle of spirit. i.e. I’ll get a mickey of vodka.
  7. Cheese is ridiculously expensive.
  8. There are bears. Friendly bears and not friendly bears.Hi
  9. Poutine (chips, cheese and gravy) is a thing.
  10. If you ask for a lemonade you will get something similar to the stuff kids make and sell on the side of the road. Not a sprite.
  11. Some of their native town names have numbers in the words.img_0593
  12. Sweet potato fries are called yam fries.
  13. A beanie is called a ‘tuque’.
  14. They don’t have real bacon. It’s like they cut all the good bits off.
  15. You can buy milk in bags. Seriously.images
  16. The Queen is on their money too.
  17. Ice hockey is their big sport.
  18. The weather on this east coast is awesome – snow in the winter and sun in the summer.
  19. They actually choose to do things outside, and there is so much to choose from; Hiking, biking, skiing, sledding…10478696_10153395534384612_4652723719965535869_o
  20. It is beautiful. Mountains, lakes, snow. Canada has everything.
  21. Tim Hortons is huge. Timbits (the middle of the doughnuts) are incredibly popular.
  22. Ceasers. A cocktail with clamato juice in it, decorated with anything they can find. It’s like a meal.20140702-best-caesars-toronto
  23. Clamato juice.
  24. They say trash not rubbish
  25. You have to tip everyone. Taxis, bar staff, waitresses, hair dressers.
  26. Canadian mountain rangers have the best uniforms.946b0fd347f8b8cb4d141f234743d56f
  27. I saw a Police officer – on-duty on the mountains, skiing.
  28. They say sorry almost as much as we do.
  29. They drive on the opposite side of the road.
  30. They have Inukshuks, to comfort travellers.10383020_10152521968479612_3036746254992799599_n
  31. Everyone smokes weed.
  32. Lots of people speak French.
  33.  Plaid Shirts. Plaid shirts everywhere. plaid-2
  34. I still didn’t find Fish and Chips.
  35. You can get a bank card straight away at the bank.
  36. Trainers are called runners.
  37. They have ‘beavertails’ a kind of fried dough pastries covered in sugary delights.images-2
  38. They eat Kraft dinners – a packet made mac and cheese…
  39. Toilet or loo, is a weird thing to say in Canada, they say washroom.
  40. You have to drive everywhere – unless you’re walking for the sake of walking.
  41. Canada is a truly beautiful and amazing place!11080626_10153224117549612_7414914499823055316_o

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  • Reply Alison October 28, 2015 at 8:33 am

    Just visiting Canada from the U.S., I didn’t notice as many traits as you. It’s so interesting to see what people of other different cultures pick up about others. Thanks for sharing!

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