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Today a friend from Whistler and I walked the scenic coastal path that runs right from Coolum to Bell’s Creek. We didn’t walk the whole thing, it’s incredibly long, but we walked from Golden Beach to King’s Beach and back again.

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It is a truly beautiful walk overlooking the sea, I would definitely recommend it. The weather was terrible, it was overcast and windy, but that somehow made it even better. We started at Golden Beach, where people were few and far between. Once we got to The Esplanade in Caloundra there was more going on, with its many cafes and restaurants, however it was still relatively quiet for a Sunday.

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The overcast sky just added to the atmosphere and the views, I love the beach when a storm is coming in. I’m not sure what it is but the waves just seem so dramatic and it takes you away from real life; leaving you imagining sailors trying to navigate the unforgiving waters.

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I definitely want to see more of the coastal path. Next time I will start at King’s Beach and walk to at least Dicky Beach and  hopefully, finally find the shipwreck.


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