Customising Your Limited Travel Wardrobe

When you are travelling, you don’t have much spare money to update your wardrobe – not to mention space in your backpack for any extra clothing. I often find random stains on my clothes, maybe I’m just messy, but being out and about, travelling around, my clothes have to withstand quite a bit of wear and tear. I was getting a bit bored with my clothes and two of my supposedly white t-shirts were looking a bit ‘grey’. So I decided I would freshen them up and got onto customising them!


I learnt to tie-dye while working at summer camp in America, so decided this would be an easy and cost-effective way to update my wardrobe! I got down to a local craft store and grabbed two packets of dye ready to unleash my creativity!


It’s pretty easy to tie-dye. I didn’t want a fancy design like the ‘spiral’, I decided to just keep it simple. I soaked my t-shirts in water mixed with a bunch of salt and diluted the dye in warm water. I rung out the t-shirts and crumpled them up. I simply applied the pink dye almost all over the tee and then added splodges of blue, with an old paintbrush.


I left them to soak up the dye and after 4 hours put them on the washing line to dry off a bit. After a couple of more hours I put them in the washing machine as usual and then left them to dry. And voila! Feels like I have 2 new t-shirts!


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