Packing My Life Up Again | Moving To The Gold Coast.

I have been in Australia for five months now. My first month was spent in Melbourne and the last four have been spent in Caloundra, on the Sunshine Coast. A few days ago, two months earlier than planned, I packed up my bags and moved to the Gold Coast.

This is the thing about travelling that is unsettling, yet incredibly freeing; the ability to move. My original plan when I got to Australia was to live and work in Melbourne for six months, but plans rarely work out how you imagine them to.

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Sometimes there is a place that you fall in love with and you will do everything in your power to stay as long as you can. Sometimes it isn’t so much the location that you fall in love with, it is who it makes you, or the feeling it gives you, and sometimes it is the people. Whistler for me was that place. It was the place I felt I belonged, the place where I felt like I was really living and it was the place that made me feel like a kid again.

Australia for me has been difficult so far, I have been chasing that feeling that I had in Canada, one which I am unlikely to recreate anywhere else. Maybe I have changed, maybe the people I am around are not the same, or maybe I am just in the wrong place at the wrong time. One thing I do know, is that if I have little time to experience as much as possible in Australia, then if something isn’t right, it’s time to move on.

Due to circumstances I wont go in to, I decided it was time to pack up and go. Of course, as these things usually go, my last week in Caloundra was probably my best week and it would have been an easy decision for me to try and stay. However I had committed to my move and so there I was again with my life in a suitcase (and overflowing snowboard bag) chasing the next adventure.

I hired a car from Caloundra, as I wanted to try and stop off and visit some friends I hadn’t yet seen, on my way through. I drove down to Brisbane, experienced my first Australian road rage, and met up with some of my old colleagues from the nightclub I worked in at Whistler. After a good catch up at the pub with them, I headed off to Cleveland to meet another bouncer/DJ that I worked with at the club. Cleveland, a small suburb 40minutes south of Brisbane, is a beautiful sleepy town. We stopped at a bar called Fiction, right on the harbour and the food and views were amazing.

It was getting quite late at this point, so I got back on the road and headed towards Coolangatta to find my new home. I am incredibly lucky that over the past two years I have met some amazing Australians, one of which lives in Coolangatta and had a spare room. I arrived in the dark, so I had no idea where I was, or what was around me! Bren, my new roommate was at work, so I hesitantly walked into the house, hoping that it was the right one.

My first day in Coolangatta I tried to find a job hard! I have a serious lack of money at the moment, so a job is needed ASAP! I trawled through job sites and did a CV drop around bars I could find, but I wasn’t having much luck. After a day of internet searches and talking to bar staff, I decided to have a quick trip up to Point Danger and check it out. It is an awesome look out and indicates the border between New South Wales and Queensland. On a side note, I am living in Tweed Heads, which is technically New South Wales, but we’re right on the border, so sometimes my phone is in Queensland time and I’ll walk into another room and it will change to New South Wales time, a tad confusing!

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But back to Danger Point! The Point has the Captain Cook memorial and lighthouse as well as the Centaur Memorial. The Centaur Memorial recognises the sinking ship ‘Australian Hospital Ship Centaur’ by a Japanese submarine back in the 1940’s. Aside from the memorials and the stunning views, lovers have been declaring their love at the point or remembering love lost, by putting love locks on the wire fence adjacent to the lighthouse. Most of the locks here are relatively new, dating back only about three years. Originally padlock displays seem to have started in Paris, but are popping up all over the globe.

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I got back from my little trip exploring and realised I should probably get some groceries for dinner. Not wanting to decrease my already depressing back account, I just got a few basics and decided on scrambled eggs on toast for dinner. When I got back I finally got to meet Bren’s boyfriend and got to making my deliciously inspiring tea. While I was making my food I got a phone call from the Coolangatta Hotel, asking me to do a trial in a couple of days. Woohoo! I was really hoping that I would get a job there, the spot and the atmosphere of the pub is exactly the kind of place I want to work.

So things in Coolangatta are already looking pretty good! I have a house, I’m loving that there seems to be a bit more going on down here too, and I have a possible job. Fingers crossed I get hired soon and start making the most of my Australian visa.

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