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So you’ve aced your application (if you haven’t, read my tips on the application process) and now your profile is live and camps are getting in touch. Interviews with prospective summer camps can be a daunting experience, but down worry I have some top tips to make sure you nail that interview!


Most of your interviews will be done over skype. Which actually works in your favour. Ever had an interview and thought, why didn’t I say that? Well you can prepare to ensure that you get your best points across.

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Before your interview write down a list of things that you think will help you. For example when I was applying my main activity was arts and crafts, so I wrote down a couple of crafts that I could talk about and make with the kids. So when I was asked ‘what kind of crafts would you make?’ I had bullet points of ideas to talk about. Don’t write too much information down, because it will look slightly weird if you’re looking away from the screen constantly. Use it for short bullet points, to jog your memory about key messages you want to get across.


If there are people in the Camp America forums who have already been placed at the camp, ask them for the questions they were asked, so you can think about and prepare your answers. Most people who are already placed will be happy to help you out.



There are questions that constantly come up in interviews: Why do you want to work here? What could you bring to the team? What are your strengths and weaknesses? Make sure you have researched the camp and looked at their key messages. For example my camp’s key message was safety and fun. So I talked a lot about those factors in my interview. Pick out some top reasons why you want to work at that camp specifically – type of kids, activities etc. Check out their social media too, for some extra insight.

Also be prepare for ‘what would you do’ questions. I was asked what would you do if you had a homesick child and if a child was being bullied. Think about your camp’s key messages and relate them back. If you aren’t sure how to deal with it, say that you would try to sort the problem on your own, but if it came to it you would ask a higher member of staff the protocol when dealing with that situation, and if needed get them to assist you.


Camp interviews are very relaxed, so you don’t really need to be particularly smart. But make sure you’ve brushed your hair, put on a clean shirt. Try and dress responsibly – no boobs hanging out.

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Being a counsellor takes a lot of enthusiasm! This is probably the most important bit of advice I can give you. You can have great experience and credentials but if you come across uninterested, your not going to get the job. So relax, be enthusiastic and friendly and let your personality shine.

If you want some more advice on applying to Camp America, check out my videos on Youtube.

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