Living the Aussie Dream; Carmada, Quicksilver & Roxy Pro and Travel Girls.


I had a pretty darn awesome time last week. Everyone was super hyped because the Quicksilver and Roxy Pros were coming to town and Coolangatta was buzzing, not to mention I was incredibly excited to watch my first surfing competition. I finished my au pair gig as per usual on the Thursday and headed home to catch up with my mates. Thursday night was actually pretty chilled. We ended up just having people over to my house and having a marathon of The Hills, which was the perfect way to relax before our busy week ahead! It’s funny how you can be anywhere in the world, but some nights you just want to chill with friends and chat and laugh. You don’t have to be doing something 24/7, sometimes the best moments are just hanging out with awesome people.


So Friday the Pros got started. I went for my morning walk around D’bar and headed over to the Snapper Rocks to check out what was going on. It was busy! We had watched most of the event being set up, but I hadn’t yet seen it finished in all its glory yet. It looked so cool, like a miniature surf town. I love to collect t-shirts from my travels, so I had to get a Roxy Pro t-shirt. I hit the merch tent and got myself a t-shirt, had a quick wander round and took in the atmosphere, which was incredible.


Fast forward to the evening and it was time for Carmada. I headed over to a friends house for pre-drinks. A bunch of their mates had travelled down for the weekend to see Carmada and the surfing, so there was a huge team of us. After we were suitably intoxicated we headed off to the Coolangatta Hotel for the gig. Carmada killed it. I had the most hilarious and random night, I even bumped into a kid from Whistler that I didn’t know too well, but spent a bit of time reminiscing about the Whistler days! We ended up in local club Rattle Snake and it was probably the busiest I had ever seen it. All in all, it was a top night!

surf 1surfing

Throughout the week we headed down to watch the surfing and it was so cool to see. You were so close to the action. We stood in the ocean watching professional surfers do their thing, you can’t beat it. It was so busy, but totally worth it. The waves weren’t huge, the previous week they had been insane, but it was still so amazing to see the worlds top surfers battle it out.


I was gutted because I didn’t really get to see any of the girls surfing. I saw a couple in between the boys competition, but the event really doesn’t seem to be geared towards the girls at all, which was a bit of a disappointment. Alongside seeing the pros kill it in the water, we also saw them in and around town a lot. I almost walked straight into Conner Coffin walking out of Sushi Train one afternoon, we definitely ogled a fair few of the surfers throughout the week!

me cooly pro.jpg

Alongside an already amazing week, I got to meet up and have a bbq with some awesome ladies from Girls Love Travel. Girls Love Travel (GLT) is a Facebook group for chicks travelling, all over the world. Recently one of the girls in the group mentioned that she was on the Gold Coast and so we organised a bbq in Southport to meet up and hang out. It was so cool to hang out with a bunch of girls with similar interests and hear all about their trips and just chat about travel.


Roll on more awesome weeks in Australia.

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