Chasing Waterfalls at Springbrook National Park

Recently myself and three other nomadic ladies headed to Springbrook National Park. We chased waterfalls, climbed mountains and hid in caves. If you like videos you can watch the video below, if you prefer words and pictures, keep reading 🙂

I am extremely lucky as my friend Katie, who I lived in Whistler with, who now lives in London, recently came back to her hometown of Coolangatta, Australia, where I now live. Confused?


This is lucky for me on many levels.

1. I get to hangout with my friend and travel buddy, who is awesome.

2. She grew up here so she knows a lot of good spots to show me.

3. She can steal her mums car to take us on adventures.

4. I have my life coach/agony aunt to help me with my longterm travel breakdowns and general ‘what am I doing with my life?’ moments.

So with my friend/lifecoach in tow, last Friday morning we set off, picking up two other vagabonds – Lexi and Kate from Canada, and set off to Explore Springbrook National Park.


We started off by checking out the ‘Best of All’ lookout. Which as the name suggests, is pretty damn good. It was freezing! We were dressed for the standard Australian weather – unbearably hot, and had failed miserably with our attire. Standing looking out over the forest covered mountains and beautiful waterfalls, we were covered in goosebumps.


We then drove to the ‘Twin Falls Circuit’. This was my favourite of the day. It is a 4km round trip walk and it is recommended to allow 2 hours to finish it. The walk is awesome because there is so much to see.



You walk through bush, trees cowering above you, you go through cave like tunnels and the highlight is definitely the waterfall. Make sure you take your swimsuits because the waterfall drops into a gorgeous lagoon, where you can swim. Unfortunately we had been so cold that morning, we had left our swimmers in the car.


tunnltwin waterlaggon2lagoon

After completing our twin falls hike, we headed to the ‘Purlingbrook Lookout’ and had our picnic of sandwiches and strawberries. The view here is amazing. You are incredibly high up, looking out over the mountains and to the right you can see a huge waterfall cascading down the rocks.

lunch spot.jpg

After lunch we went to do the Natural Bridge circuit. This is a pretty short one, of only 1km. At Cave Creek lies the arched cave ‘The Natural Bridge’ where you can head in and see the waterfall plunging from above, into the cave.

bridge nat

You are not allowed to swim here, due to the bats and glow worms – side note, you can do walks at night here to see the glow worms in their full glory. The Natural Bridge was a truly magnificent view.

natural bridge

After the Natural Bridge, it was time to head home. There are so many trails in the national park and I definitely want to get back there and see some more. If you are heading there make sure you check out the natural bridge and the twin waterfalls.



“Springbrook National Park is located about 100km south of Brisbane and comprises four sections on and around the plateau; Springbrook section extends along the crest of the plateau, Mount Cougal section to the south east and Natural Bridge and Numinbah sections to the west.” Click here for the official web page

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    […] Springbrook National Park is amazing and well worth a visit and is located 100km south of Brisbane. I only got to go once but I would have loved to have gone back and explored more. The Twin Falls circuit is a beautiful 4km walk starting from the Tallanbana picnic area. You descend through bush, with majestic views through the trees and eventually come to a lagoon with the twin waterfalls. You can swim here and I would definitely recommend it even though it is freezing! […]

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