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tulum ruins

Tulum was built in the 13th Century, during the Mayan post-classic period and is a huge contrast from Cancun. The site is truly spectacular; the historical buildings against a back drop of green turquoise water – it is definitely worth a visit.


We woke up early for our tour to Tulum, leaving from the hotel district in Cancun after booking the cheapest tour we could find ($45). Our coach picked us up about 5:30am and off we headed to Tulum. Arriving just before 8am, the place was deserted. We walked through the little village-esque area, where locals were setting up their shops and stalls, to the ruins gate. Our friendly tour guide Victor showed us through the entrance and explained the history of the site.

building Mayan

It was around this time that the heat started getting unbearable and groups of tourists started piling in. Honestly I was keen to set off and get some pictures before hundreds of tourists showed up, so I missed most of what the tour guide was saying – there are small plaques around the buildings that tell you about the site as well.


We were released from our tour guide and headed off to get some pictures and explore more. It was hot, like ridiculously hot! So after about 20minutes we decided to head down to the beach and cool off.

The Tulum ruins were amazing, I love ancient architecture and trying to imagine who lived there years and years ago, so for me this was awesome. It is really busy by about 10:30am so go early if you can and bring a swimsuit because you are going to want to get in the water!



  • You don’t have to do a tour and entry to the site costs about 64MXN.
  • It is open 8am – 5pm, but get there as soon as possible.
  • Hide your cameras because you might get charged a ‘filming’ fee.
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