24 Hours in Liverpool, Travelling the UK.


Liverpool; home of the Beatles, stellar football and scouse (which I didn’t realise is a type of stew). Even though I’m from England, I had never been to Liverpool, I actually haven’t been a lot of places in the UK. After befriending Pete this summer at camp, who lives in Liverpool, I now had somewhere to crash and another excuse to go and visit. Turning it into a camp reunion a few of us went up to Liverpool for 24 hours and tried to explore as much as possible.

Liverpool, The Albert Dock


The Albert Dock.

The Albert Dock dates back to 1839 when it was first established and has had a rocky time over the years, closing for a while before being rejuvenated. Today it’s a lovely spot to wander around, with some great attractions. The Tate Liverpool, Beatles Museum and a Mary Poppins style merry-go-round, are all on offer here. We headed to The Pumphouse for lunch, which was delicious and a great spot to sit outside and do a spot of people watching, by the water. There’s also a random little house on the docks, that you can go in for free! So of course we ducked in, it’s set in Victorian times and although it isn’t the most exciting of places, it was free. Did I mention it was free?


Cavern Club Liverpool


The Cavern.

A trip to Liverpool wouldn’t be complete without a stop off at the famous Cavern Club. This legendary cellar has played a host to lots of big names, including Status Quo, Queen, Suzi Quatro, Oasis and of course the Beatles. We stopped in the pub for a quick beer and listened to some rather lovely looking chap singing some classic tunes, that Chloe decided was her new boyfriend.

Crosby beach Liverpool

Pete Crosby Beach Liverpool


Crosby Beach.

One of my favourite stops in Liverpool was Crosby Beach. The beach has 100 cast-iron, life-size figures spread out along the foreshore. By Anthony Gormley the sculptures ‘Another Place’ are made from casts of the artist’s own body and create a haunting view, staring out at the sea.




I have been told that Liverpool is a cracking night out. Not having much money and being with mainly students, we stayed away from the classier venues that Liverpool has on offer! We ended up in Popworld. Honestly I couldn’t tell you anywhere else we went, as I had drunk far too much at ring of fire before we left the house, but apparently we also stopped off in a Tequila bar for Pina Coladas?



Hangover Cure.

Feeling less than fresh, after shots and shapes on the dance floor in Popworld, we awoke needing liquid and food ASAP. We headed to multi-award winning restaurant ‘The Tavern‘ for breakfast. Famous for having the nation’s best breakfast 2 years running, it was no surprise that we had to wait about 20 minutes to get a table. Not only was the food amazing, you also get free tea refills, just what we needed.

Definitely one of my favourite places in the UK, Liverpool is great for a weekend getaway and definitely for a weekend on the town.





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