Working Holiday Visa Australia | Everything You Need to Know!

I spent almost a year living in Australia and had an amazing time! To work and travel Australia, the easiest visa to get is the Working Holiday Visa (417). When I went to Australia travelling, this is what I got.



  • Aged between 18 -31
  • From an eligible country (The UK is eligible)
  • Have $5000AUD in the bank
  • Have not been convicted of a crime
  • Have no dependable children coming with you


The visa costs 285 pounds and allows you to travel and work in Australia, but you can only work for one employer for up to 6months. So after 6months working in one place you will have to find another job.



  • You will need to get travel insurance. I got mine with Alpha Travel Insurance. This must cover you for your entire stay.
  • Unlock your phone, so that you can get an Australian sim card and use it in your phone.
  • Get a bank account! You can do this before you go, with Commonwealth Bank. Just sign up online and you can even start putting money into the account.
  • CV. You will want to have an up-to-date CV ready to go, as soon as you touch down in Australia.
  • A flight! Skyscanner is my favourite website for flights, as it gives you more flexibility in the way you search and finds the cheaper deals.
  • Accommodation. I always book at least one night for when I arrive in a country, especially after such a long flight!


  • TFN. You will need to apply for a tax file number, so that you can pay your tax on wages. You will get this back when you file your tax claim.
  • Sim card. I got a sim card from Optus, on a contract, as I desperately needed a new phone. But there are pay as you go options.


  • I got my first job from and found it really useful when looking for work.
  • Gumtree also has jobs, however be careful with this website as there are a lot of scams on here too.
  • Check out Temp employers. I did temporary work for events – bar work and waitressing. These are great as they pay pretty well and you can accept or decline work.
  • I also au-paired for a while in Australia which was a great way to save money, as your food and accommodation is all paid for; I even got a car to use! is a great site for getting an au-pair gig, just make a profile and wait for the jobs to roll in!


  • If you get a bar job, or any job serving alcohol, you are going to need to get an RSA. These usually differ from state to state, so make sure you get it in the state you want to work in.
  • If you end up working in gaming or even some bars with poke machines (fruit machines) you may also need an RSG. I needed one for a bar job in New South Wales, as the bar had ‘pokie’ machines.


  • You will need to set up a Superannuation account too. This is where your employer pays money into an account for your pension. You can claim this back when you leave Australia.


  • Once you have a job and have decided to stick around somewhere, you will need to get a place to stay. is a great site for finding flatmates and a place to live.


  • If you want to stay in Australia for another year, to get your second visa you will need to complete 3months (88 days) framework.
  • Gumtree is the most common place to find these jobs – be careful as there are a lot of scams out there.
  • Some au-pair jobs will be on farms and could count towards your visa.

If you would like more information, check out my vlog on working in Australia!

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