Ireland in 3 Days! Spending New Years Eve in Dublin.

I haven’t posted in a while! It has been a busy month, working at Camp America has kept me extremely busy with the recruitment fairs! We had an awesome week seeing all the applicants getting placed! But that’s not what this post is about. For New Years Eve I met up with a couple of friends to celebrate 2017 in, in Dublin. I flew into Ireland a day before meeting them, to go and see some of Ireland – visit the Cliffs of Moher and stay in the quaint little town of Ennis. Ireland is a truly beautiful place and the Cliffs were incredible. Ennis was a small town and I only booked it because it was on the way back to Dublin, but I was pleasantly surprised! Honestly I would have liked to have spent New Years there! It was pretty lively for the evening before NYE!

I rented a car for my trips to the cliffs, so headed back to Dublin the next day to meet up with some friends from Camp and basically get drunk for 48 hours! We headed to all the hot spots in town and drunk in the New Year, it was a good few days, but the hangover on the plane home definitely sucked!

So check out my video from my trip to Dublin! And if you are thinking about heading to Dublin for a party weekend, it’s definitely a good spot to go!



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