The Traveller Diaries: My mate Kate.

It is a new month, which means it is time for a new ‘Traveller Diaries’! This month is my mate Kate! Kate and I crossed paths when we both lived in Whistler, Canada, yet we didn’t actually meet until  we both happened to turn up in a small town in Australia at the same time! Small world. Kate the Canadian, has a passion for travelling and is always the person planning hikes or trips to see as much as possible no matter where she is! She’s also pretty damn good fun to be around, you’re always laughing with this one!

Where are you currently? Whistler Canada

Where are you from? Canada

Where have you been? France, Belgium, Spain, Cuba, United States, New Zealand and Australia.

Why did you start traveling? To see the world!

How has it changed or impacted your life in anyway? Made me realize I wanted to spent my 20s travelling and experiencing new cultures and places around the world.

What has been the best thing about it? All the people I have met who have become lifetime friends.

What has been your favourite place or moment? Way too many to name, but a few would be snorkeling on the Great Barrier reef, hiking trips into the middle of no where watching shooting star storms and drinking wine under the eiffle tower.

How do you fund your travels? I work till I can afford flights and my first few weeks in a new place till I find a job in that location ect.

Will you/have you stopped? I am currently in Canada saving money for a trip to South East Asia or South America however life in Whistler is far from the normal everyday life.

Has it impacted your career? I haven’t decided what career I am interested in doing for my life and travelling is something I’m doing to help me decide.

Where would you tell first time travellers to go? Anywhere their heart desires!

What advice would you give someone thinking about it? Pack your bag and get on that plane! Don’t be afraid to try new things but be smart.

Packing tip? You don’t need too many options, you can wash you clothes. Bring an options for warm and cold and good footware.

Any extra comments? Get exploring!!!

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