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It is almost time for camp, which means most of you will be thinking about what to pack for camp!

So I thought I would put together a list of things that you should take to camp.


  1. Shorts – it will be hot and you will be wearing shorts a lot. Take comfy shorts as you will be running around in them. I usually take at least three pairs.
  2. T-shirts – You’ll need at least three t-shirts. Most camps will provide staff shirts for camp, but it’s good to have some t-shirts too. I usually take at least three t-shirts.
  3. Swimming Costume – It’s a good idea to take two pairs of swimmers, so you have a spare one when the first one is wet! You’re in the lake or pool a lot!
  4. Towel – pretty self explanatory.
  5. Flip-flops – flip-flops are really good for walking to the showers and even sometimes in the shower!
  6. Running Shoes – you’ll need a pair of comfy shoes. You’re on your feet ALL DAY! So make sure you have shoes that will last you.
  7. One Nice Outfit – You’ll want at least one nice outfit to wear on your night off.
  8. Torch – torches are extremely useful, as it will be dark at camp and you’ll want to be able to see your way to the bathroom at night.
  9. Watch – You’ll need to take a watch to make sure you get to your activities on time!
  10. Water Bottle – It’s important to keep hydrated at camp, especially in the heat!
  11. Underwear – take lots as they usually go missing in the wash.
  12. Socks – same with socks, they always seem to disappear!
  13. PJ’s – you’ll need some comfy PJ’s, take some warm ones for overnights.
  14. A Hat – Keep your scalp from getting burnt and take a hat with you!
  15. Sunglasses – Protect those eyes!
  16. Jeans – you’ll want a pair of jeans, mainly for your time off.
  17. Joggers/leggings – a pair of comfy trousers to wear around the campfire.
  18. Documents Folder – somewhere to put all your important documents!
  19. Lightweight Jacket – it could rain! Take a lightweight jacket to keep you dry!
  20. Camp America T-shirt – Take your CA shirt to wear on your journey and find other people doing camp!


  1. Portable speaker and an iPod – You won’t be able to use your phone at camp usually, so an iPod is a life saver when you’re trying to get the kids out of bed in the morning, or just pump them up before evening program.
  2. GoPro or camera – As you probably won’t have your phone, you’ll probably want a camera to record all the awesome memories!
  3. Flag – most camps have an international day, so a flag is perfect to show where you’re from, it’s also good to hang in your room.
  4. Fancy Dress – You are always dressing up at camp, so if you have a favourite costume take it along!
  5. Toiletries – Most camps will do a Walmart trip in the first few days, so you can get your sunscreen, mosquito spray and toiletries there – check with your camp, it will save you taking them in your suitcase!

Those are the main things you should take with you to camp! I’m sure I’ve missed something, so if I have leave me a comment and I will add it in! Have the BEST summer!


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