Cracking Codes and Cocktails – The Bletchley Pop Up

For our summer staff party this year at Camp America, they chose a very special way to celebrate. We were given clues and not told what we would be doing, or where we would be going. After cracking the location we headed to The Bletchley a very unique and interesting bar pop up, under the World’s End Pub in Chelsea.

We were ushered downstairs, into a dark WW2 themed room, full of spy gear. We were given some army jackets to wear and were told we had to crack the code, to get our cocktails. We also got a cocktail on arrival to keep us going while we cracked the code. After deciding on agent names, we worked on our first clues…I won’t tell you what they were as I don’t want to give it away! Once you crack the code you get your first cocktail, which is based on the code you provide and the smell you prefer from test tubes at your table. My first cocktail was delicious, apparently each cocktail is unique and will never be made again – I’m not sure if that’s strictly true but our table all got different cocktails and so we passed them round judging our favourites.

You are then given a second code to break for the next cocktail, which is based on a country and a shape. I chose America circle and I got a bourbon drink, which I didn’t enjoy as much as the first one, but managed to swap it with my friend for his Italian beverage.

The bar was really well done, and the staff all act as if they are in World War two, bringing it to life for you. The cocktails were brilliant and it was just really good fun! If you get a chance to go, definitely book a spot!

For three cocktails and the Bletchley Experience for 2 hours, it costs 29.99 per person. To book visit:


Agent Blue, over and out.

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