To the Ones I Leave Behind, Thank You.

I have been back home for 8 months and after 3 years away, it has been amazing to see all my old friends and my family, and catch up. It has however gone far too quickly and I feel like I hardly got to touch base with everyone, and now it is almost time to head off on the next adventure. Before I disappear, yet again, I wanted to thank all of these amazing people who let me back into their lives.

Saying goodbye is the worst thing about travelling. It happens often when you are constantly on the move and never gets easier. But possibly the hardest people to say goodbye to, are those from home, the ones that have touched your life and been there through the good and the bad. I am incredibly lucky to have such a supportive family and friends back in the UK and so for that, I want to thank them.

Thank you for letting me pop back up in your life, when I haven’t seen you for years. Thank you for picking up where we left off as if I had never been away. Thank you for making the effort to see me when I’m not around for long. I’m sorry that I am not there for some of the big moments in your life and the small ones, but please know that I wish I was. Thank you for supporting me on my adventures and reminding me of all the amazing memories we have shared.

Whether I have known you for 13 years or 3, you have been a big part of my life and I always carry our memories with me, wherever I go. Whether it’s hearing a song in a club in Australia, that makes me think of some ridiculous Uni story, or a beach that reminds me of bunking off school, or a meal that makes me think of home cooked meals, you will always pop up in my thoughts. I love you. See you later…….and thank you.

Pops x

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