Most peoples of sub-saharan africa speak a language that is part of which family?

Almost all of the most widely spoken languages of sub-Saharan Africa belong to the Niger-Congo family, and about 600 million people (85% of Africa’s population) speak a Niger-Congo language.

  • Most peoples of the sub-Saharan region of Africa speak a language that is part of the family: Bantu. Bantu language is combined of over 500 smaller dialects and extends to the southern most point of Africa.

Most peoples of sub-Saharan Africa speak a language that is part of the Bantu family. This language and culture group originated in west Africa in modern-day Nigeria. From the 1000s BCE through the 500s CE the people spread eastward and southward across the rest of the continent.

What is the most common language family spoken in sub Saharan Africa?

Around a hundred languages are widely used for inter-ethnic communication. Arabic, Somali, Berber, Amharic, Oromo, Igbo, Swahili , Hausa, Manding, Fulani and Yoruba are spoken by tens of millions of people. Official languages .

Language Family Official Status per Country
Amharic Afroasiatic Ethiopia

What is the dominant language family in Sub Saharan Africa?

Three of the six dominant languages in Subsaharan Africa—spoken by at least ten million people or more—are spoken in Nigeria: Hausa, Yoruba , and Ibo. The three remaining major languages of Subsaharan Africa are Swahili, Lingala, and Zulu.

What do 95% of people in Sub Saharan Africa speak?


Term What language has the most speakers? Definition Mandarin
Term What is the most used african language family? Definition Niger-Congo
Term What language family do 95 % of people in Sub – Saharan Africa speak ? Definition Niger-Congo
Term What language family is Swahili in? Definition Niger-Congo
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What is the most widely spoken Bantu language?


What is the largest language family in Africa?


What is the largest language family in the world?

Based on speaker count, Indo-European and Sino-Tibetan are the largest two language families, with over 4.6 billion speakers between them. The two most spoken languages are in these families – English is classified as Indo-European , and Mandarin Chinese is classified as Sino-Tibetan .

What is the oldest language in Africa?

Africa is known for being home to some of the ancient languages in the world. Although it is hard to be certain that a particular language spoken in Africa was the oldest, many people agree on the name of Ancient Egyptian . The name of the Khoisan languages also shows up often during such discussions.

What is Africa first language?

SWAHILI . The most spoken language in Africa is Swahili which is said to have over 100 million speakers. Known as a ‘Bantu’ language, Swahili apparently originated from other languages like Arabic .

How many ethnic groups are in sub Saharan Africa?

There are over 3,000 different ethnic groups speaking more than 2,100 different languages in all of Africa . The people there practice a variety of religions, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and traditional religions specific to their ethnic group .

Why is sub Saharan poor?

While the root causes of poverty in Sub – saharan Africa are not different from the causes of poverty anywhere else, poverty has been growing in Sub – saharan Africa due to the long-term impacts of external factors like war, genocide, famine, and land availability.

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What does it mean to be sub Saharan African?

Sub – Saharan Africa is, geographically and ethnoculturally, the area of the continent of Africa that lies south of the Sahara . According to the United Nations, it consists of all African countries and territories that are fully or partially south of the Sahara .

What is the difference between North Africa and Sub Saharan Africa?

Although Sub – Sahara has diverse ethnics, they are not always difference . Sub – Sahara have a distinct characteristic. North Africa on the other side is closer to Europe and Middle East, adding with Arab, Ottoman, French, Spanish, Italian and British influence with indigenous Amazighs, they have become very different .

What is the largest tribe in Africa?

Yoruba , Nigeria With an estimated 35 million people in total, Yoruba is undeniably the largest ethnic group in Africa.

Is Igbo a Bantu?

No, Igbos are not Bantu . The Igbo and the Bantu languages are deemed to be part of the Niger-Congo language family, but there’s a great deal that separates them. The Igbo and the Bantu languages are deemed to be part of the Niger-Congo language family, but there’s a great deal that separates them.

What does bantu mean in English?

1 : a family of Niger-Congo languages spoken in central and southern Africa. 2 : a member of any of a group of African peoples who speak Bantu languages. Africa