Often asked: Is Ipe Wood Water Resistant?

Ipe lumber offers superior water-resistance compared to softwoods and even other hardwoods thanks to its extreme density. The wood’s tight grain and natural oils keep water out, preventing rot and mold growth. Ipe lumber is also naturally slip-resistant, making it the perfect material for outdoor projects.

Does Ipe wood sink in water?

Ipe is one of the densest hardwoods available. It is one of the densest hardwoods available, three times harder than cedar. Ipe has the same fire rating as concrete and steel, meaning it resists flames much longer than softer woods, and is so dense that it doesn’t float in water.

Does Ipe need to be sealed?

Does Ipe need to be sealed? Ipe does not need any “sealer” in fact the wood is dense, that it doesn’t really take sealer anyways. The products used on Ipe are not really sealers as much as UV protectants. It is the sunlight that turns Ipe grey, and using these products can help protect against that.

How long does Ipe last outside?

Ipe is more durable than other woods. Within ipe wood are natural oils that preserve it; combined with the wood’s exceptional density, you can expect an ipe deck or fence to last up to 50 years without replacement.

Is Ipe slippery when wet?

Ipe wood has natural slip resistance. Ipe is the only hardwood species that meets the ADA requirements for slip resistance in a wet environment, naturally. Without any additives.

Which wood will sink in water?

The heaviest woods with specific gravity higher than 1 are usually hardwoods from either desert or tropical places. Rosewoods and ebonies are often heavy enough to sink. Lignum vitae, desert ironwood, African blackwood, ipe and other woods like these are heavy woods.

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What wood drowns in water?

A third type of wood, called ipe, is from a tree that grows in Central and South America. Unlike the other two examples, this dense wood sinks all the way to the bottom when placed in water.

Is Ipe more expensive than Trex?

Your initial cost for ipe decking materials will most likely be higher than those of Trex products. This is in part because it is imported from Central and South America. Also there is only so much ipe in the world.

Is Ipe better than composite?

While composite boards have become more durable over the years, their strength and longevity don’t compare to Ipe. Ipe’s hardness is a product of nature, and it is among one of the hardest woods available for decking. It is not pressure-treated or loaded with chemicals; it’s just a sturdy wood.

Is Ipe endangered?

Now don’t panic: Ipe is not endangered, nor is it illegal to import. Ipe is still coming into North America, and it will still be available for your decking projects this season. But for the first time in many years, we are seeing a flaw in the armor of the world’s most popular tropical decking.

Is Ipe decking worth the cost?

Among hardwoods, ipe is considered the most prestigious and valued wood. It stands out for its strength, durability, and density. These properties make it rot resistant, mildew resistant, scratch resistant, and the density is the reason it has a class-A fire rating.

Do termites eat Ipe?

Do Termites Eat IPE? IPE wood is resistant to termite infestations. These tiny insects eat through wood to live on the nutrients it provides. On the other hand, since IPE wood is so dense, termites have a difficult time eating through the material.

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Can you pressure wash Ipe?

Can I Power Wash My Ipe Decking? It is not recommended to power wash your Ipe decking, and the pressure can damage your boards.

Does ipe wood crack?

Ipe Decking dries and contracts, leaving tiny cracks in the face or at the ends of the boards. These tiny cracks are known as checks. Face checking is a very normal and is very difficult to see. It does not affect the durability, longevity or water-resistant benefits.

Is ipe wood good for decking?

Ipe (pronounced EE-pay) is the finest quality wood decking material available. Ipe is an exotic hardwood that is naturally resistant to rot and decay, is 8 times harder than California Redwood, and is guaranteed for 20 years without preservatives!

Can ipe wood be painted?

First, sand the ipe with coarse-grit sandpaper to rough up the surface a bit. This will give the paint something to cling to. Then, apply several layers of oil-based primer. Finally, you can paint the ipe, but use an oil-based paint instead of the usual latex stuff.