Often asked: What Does The Medical Term Stat Mean?

STAT: A common medical abbreviation for urgent or rush. From the Latin word statim, meaning “immediately.”

What do the letters in Stat stand for?

Answer: Stat, used as a directive to medical personnel during in an emergency situation, is from the Latin word statim, which means “ instantly ” or “immediately.”

What does stat mean in surgery?

“Stat” is a medical term and directive for doctors, nurses, and staff during an emergency. This word is an abbreviation derived from statim, a Latin word that means “ immediately,” “right away,” “at once,” or “instantly.”

What does a stat order mean?

A medication order, which may be provided in verbal, written, or electronic form, is a direction given by a prescriber to dispense and administer medication for a certain medical indication.1,2,3,4 Medication orders may be scheduled, as needed (PRN), or STAT [“stat” is an abbreviation of the Latin word statim, meaning

What are stat words?

-stat- comes from Latin or Greek, where it has the meaning ” stand; ” This meaning is found in such words as: instate, interstate, misstate, overstate, reinstate, rheostat, state, static, station, statistics, statue, status, statute, statutory, thermostat, understate.

Do doctors actually say stat?

Yes, they do, although not usually as melodramatically as on TV. ‘Stat’ is a qualifier on any order to make it done immediately, so, for example, you can order a normal CBC and usually get it back in a few hours, or you can order a stat CBC and get it back in 15-30 min.

Why do doctors shout stats?

Statistics is mostly used by doctors to explain risk to patients, accessing evidence summaries, interpreting screening test results and reading research publications [3].

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What is a stat MRI?

Most people understand that the word “stat” means “now” or “ as soon as possible.” A “stat” CT or MRI is ordered when the patient is potentially in serious danger.

What does it mean when someone asks for stats?

Stats are facts which are obtained from analyzing information expressed in numbers. Stats is an abbreviation for statistics. [informal]

What is the difference between stat and urgent?

As nouns the difference between urgency and stat is that urgency is the quality or condition of being urgent; insistence; pressure; as, the urgency of a demand or an occasion while stat is short for statistic.

What is a stat order in nursing?

The term “stat,” which comes from the Latin “statim,” meaning immediately,2 is designed to give priority to orders that are needed most quickly. Generally speaking, a stat medication order should be administered within 30 minutes of the time it is ordered (turnaround time).

What is the difference between stat and now?

As adverbs the difference between now and stat is that now is at the present time while stat is immediately; now; usually used in medical situations, to connote extreme urgency.

What does stat mean in ecstatic?

statement: saying how something “stands” state: where something “stands” ecstatic: a “standing” outside of normal feelings. stationary: a “standing” still.

Is Stat short for statistics?

: statistic —usually used in plural. stat.