Question: Can I Take Hesi Exam Online?

This is an online exam, candidates are required to set up an Evolve Testing Account prior to taking the exam – detailed instructions are included on your appointment confirmation.

Can you take the HESI at home?

computer at home as long as students meet and adhere to the Virtual Online Proctoring – Testing Requirements and Policies.

Where can I take the HESI?

The HESI Exam is administered by Elsevier. The exam is offered several times a year at Prometric testing centers throughout the United States. To create an account and register for the exam, follow the registration instructions.

How do I register for HESI online?

Go to • Select “I’m a Student” in the lower left side of the page • At the bottom right corner of the next screen, select “Register for Distance Testing” • On the next page, click on the “Register” button.

Can you use scratch paper on the HESI online?

Yes, generally you are given 2-3 pieces of scratch paper. At home testing also allows you to have scratch paper. Make sure to show your online proctor that you have scrap paper and how much scrap paper that you have.

How many times can I take HESI?

You can test for HESI A2 Exam six times per year, which is two times per eligibility period. and the retake is within the same eligibility period.

What percentage is an 850 on HESI?

Faculty have set a score of 850 as considered a success. Benchmark: Desired performance of Partially met = 85-89% pass rate (>850), Fully met = 90- 100% pass rate (>850) on the HESI-RN by the cohort of students. This is in line with our program performance indicator of 90% on the NCLEX-RN national board exam.

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Can you take the HESI A2 online?

The remotely proctored exam can be taken at an internet enabled location of your choice. You must provide a computer with a camera, microphone and an internet connection. The computer must pass all compatibility tests.

Do all nursing schools require HESI?

All nursing schools do not require you take a nursing school entrance exam. But should you be required you’ll find an assortment of potentially required tests: (HESI) exam.

How much is the HESI exam?

How much does it cost to take the HESI? Every school sets their own cost for taking the HESI entrance exam. You can expect to pay anywhere from $35 to $70.

What score do you need on the HESI?

Schools set their own passing scores for the HESI exam. Most schools have a minimum passing score of 75% for each section of the exam. However, some schools may require students to get a 75% on one section and an 80% on another section.

How long is the HESI exam?

How long does it take to complete the HESI? You are allowed 6 hours to complete all the modules of the test. Most people take less than four hours to complete the test. Unless you have special accommodations, you must complete the test on the same day you start.

What does the HESI stand for?

HESI A2 FAQ’sHESI stands for Health Education Systems, Inc., and A2 stands for Admission Assessment. The test is also known by a wide variety of other names, such as the Evolve Reach, the Evolve Reach A2, and the Evolve Reach HESI. It’s not the name that’s so important about this exam, but what it does.

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Is the HESI exam multiple choice?

There are 326 multiple-choice questions on the HESI exam.

How do I know my HESI is compatible?

Find the Compatibility Check link at the top-right portion of the screen. Log in to your Evolve account. Click HESI Assessment Next Generation. Click Compatibility Check in the main menu on the left side.

What happens if you don’t pass the HESI?

Individuals who do not do well on the HESI tests on their first attempt and need to take them again can use reputable study resources to help them prepare. This HESI Admission Assessment Exam Course was designed to guide students through all of the material they will be tested on when taking the HESI.