Question: How Is Mig Wire Speed Calculated?

Multiply the required amperage of your weld by the burn rate associated with the diameter of the wire to calculate the feed speed. Using our example, you would multiply the 125 amps by the 2 inch burn rate to calculate a feed speed of 250 inches per minute.

How do I test the speed of a wire?

To determine actual wire speed, simply turn on the welder, while the gas is off and squeeze the gun trigger (be sure you do not contact any metal while doing this) and let it despoil wire for an even 15 seconds. Once the 15 seconds are up, instantly release the trigger.

What will happen if the wire speed is too slow?

When the wire feed speed is too fast, it can cause the wire to pile up instead of melting properly into the weld pool. A wire feed speed that is too slow doesn’t feed the weld pool, so there is not proper penetration for a quality weld.

Should you push or pull when MIG welding?

Pushing usually produces lower penetration and a wider, flatter bead because the arc force is directed away from the weld puddle. Dragging typically produces deeper penetration and a narrower bead with more buildup.

In what unit is the wire feed speed measured?

The wire feed speed meter is a hand-held portable unit that can be placed on. 030” to 7/32” (0.89 to 5.6 mm) diameter automatic or semiautomatic wire to measure wire feed speed in inches per minute. The unit can be used on any wire feeder where there is access to the wire.

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What is the best setting for MIG welding?

7/16 Inch: 1.6mm at 170-200 ipm, 27 volts, and 275-300 amps. 1/2 Inch: 1.6mm at 200-230 ipm, 32 volts, and 300-325 amps. For stainless metals which are 3/8-inch or greater in thickness, a switch in your shielding gas to 98% argon and 2% oxygen is also recommended.

How thick can a 180 Amp Mig Weld?

How thick can a 180 Amp MIG weld? A 180 amperes MIG welder is qualify for welding up to 0.035 inch. In some cases, ½ of an inch can be welded.

How is welding current calculated?

To get the results in KJ/in or KJ/mm, divide the result by 1000.

  1. Example 1: If a welder takes 2 minutes to complete an 18 inches long weld.
  2. Answer:
  3. Travel Speed = Length of Weld/Time to weld = 18 inches/2 minutes = 9 in/min.
  4. Voltage = 24 volts.
  5. Current = 120 amps.
  6. Heat Input = (24 X 120 X 60)/ 9 = 19200 J/in.
  7. Table – 1.