What important natural resource in west africa did the songhai empire control?

The important natural resources of the Songhai Empire were gold and salt. Golf fields were abundant throughout the empire. Salt was mined out of the

  • The important natural resource in West Africa that the Songhai Empire controlled was salt. This salt was predominantly found in the Sahara desert – there are still a lot of salt mines in this West African desert.

What major resource did West African kingdoms control?

Timbuktu was an important center for the gold and salt trade, as well as a center of learning. Songhai broke away from Mali and controlled the salt mines in the north. Besides gold and salt , language and religion spread as well. Gold was found in the south and salt was found in the north.

How did trade affect the empires of West Africa?

Ghana’s rulers gained incredible wealth from trade , taxes on traders and on the people of Ghana , and their own personal stores of gold. They used their wealth to build an army and an empire . Extensive trade routes brought the people of Ghana into contact with people of many different cultures and beliefs.

Which empire did the Songhai Empire replace to become the major power of West Africa?

Mali Empire

What else was traded in West Africa during the reign of the Songhai Empire?

in addition to objects like food, oils, clothing, metals or animals, what else was traded in West Africa during the reign of the Songhai empire ? Slaves were traded . They were important to the economic development of West Africa becuase they were able to carry out the heavy work.

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Which of the 3 West African kingdoms was the largest?


What was the largest African empire?

Songhai Empire

How did trade develop in West Africa?

A profitable trade had developed by which West Africans exported gold, cotton cloth, metal ornaments, and leather goods north across the trans-Saharan trade routes, in exchange for copper, horses, salt, textiles, and beads. Later, ivory, slaves, and kola nuts were also traded.

What was the key to power for the three empires of West Africa?

Empires Rise- In West Africa , there were three great empires . They gained power by controlling the gold and salt trades. These three empires controlled the Sahel region of West Africa for more than 900 years. Trading Kingdoms- Other kingdoms developed in Africa based on trade.

What became the main language of government trade and scholarship in West Africa?

What became the main language of government , trade , and Islamic scholarship in West Africa ? Arabic became the main language .

What is Songhai called today?

Songhai empire, also spelled Songhay, great trading state of West Africa (flourished 15th–16th century), centred on the middle reaches of the Niger River in what is now central Mali and eventually extending west to the Atlantic coast and east into Niger and Nigeria.

What made the Songhai Empire powerful?

With his control of critical trade routes and cities such as Timbuktu, Sonni Ali brought great wealth to the Songhai Empire , which at its height would surpass the wealth of Mali. In oral tradition, Sonni Ali is often known as a powerful politician and great military commander.

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What are the factors that led to the rise of Songhai Empire?

The Rise of the Songhai Empire Songhai flourished from river commerce centered upon the exchange of agricultural produce, fishing, hunting, and iron-working technology. Songhai’s power and prosperity grew further from its participation in the trans-Saharan trade.

What religion did the Songhai Empire practice?

The Songhai empire lasted from 1464 to 1592. The civilization had one dominant religion, Islam .

What army ultimately destroyed the Songhai Empire?

What army was ultimately destroyed the Songhai Empire? A largely slave army from the sultanate of Morocco . In the trans-Saharan trade, Kanem-Bornu traded slaves to North Africa for what? Horses.

What were the greatest achievements of the Songhai Empire?

The Songhai civilization accomplished many great artistic and technological achievements : they made a variety of artwork for show and religious, social and economic use, they also built river boats from scratch, and they built an incredible capital of Gao. Africa