Where is algeria in africa

Algeria is located in northwestern Africa. More specifically, Algeria is the Maghreb Region of Africa. As a country that is almost entirely surrounded by land, Algeria’s borders are shared with seven other African countries. In the northeast, Algeria is surrounded by Tunisia.
Algeria, large, predominantly Muslim country of North Africa. From the Mediterranean coast, along which most of its people live, Algeria extends southward deep into the heart of the Sahara, a forbidding desert where the Earth’s hottest surface temperatures have been recorded and which constitutes more than four-fifths of the country’s area.

Is Algeria Arab or African?

More than three-fourths of the country is ethnically Arab , though most Algerians are descendants of ancient Amazigh groups who mixed with various invading peoples from the Arab Middle East, southern Europe, and sub-Saharan Africa.

Where is the Algeria located?


What is Algeria known for?

The Sahara desert covers more than four-fifths of the land. Algeria is the continent’s biggest country, and is the world’s 10th largest. Oil and gas reserves were discovered there in the 1950s, but most Algerians live along the northern coast.

Is Algeria part of France?

While the administration of Algeria changed significantly over the 132 years of French rule, the Mediterranean coastal region of Algeria , housing the vast majority of its population, was administered as an integral part of France from 1848 until independence.

Is Algeria a Arab country?

Yes algeria is an Arabic country , while it have diverse ethnicity , for example there is Berbers called Amazight they speak 13 dialect . the majority of population are arabs and the official language of the country is the Arabic Language.

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Is Algeria considered an Arab country?

الجزائر. listen) al-JEER-ee-ə, Arabic : الجزائر‎ al-Jazā’ir), officially the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria , is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Most of the population is Arab -Berber, practicing Islam and using the official languages of Arabic and Berber.

What race are Algerian?

Ethnic groups in Algeria include Arab- Berbers , who represent 99% of the population, though according to the The World Factbook “although almost all Algerians are Berber in origin (not Arab), only a minority identify themselves as primarily Berber , about 40-55% of the total population”.

Is it safe to go to Algeria?

Several government travel advisories have highlighted that travelers should reconsider all but essential travel to Algeria . Avoid traveling to the southern part of the country plus the border areas with Libya and Tunisia due to the high risk of banditry and terror-related activities.

Is Algeria a 3rd world country?

The World Bank classifies Algeria as an upper-middle income nation.

Why is Algeria so poor?

Since the 1980s, a fall in oil prices in international markets resulted in Algeria experiencing an economic downturn, contributing to rising unemployment and poverty. A lack of democracy, political conflict and government spending have also caused poverty.

What is Algeria religion?

Religion in Algeria is dominated by Muslims , with nearly ninety-eight of the population (over ninety-nine percent of the population that state any religion) adhering to Sunni Islam of the Maliki school of jurisprudence, as of 2020.

What do they wear in Algeria?

Algerians generally dress the same as Europeans, so for work it is recommended to wear dark, professional jackets and slacks. For women there is no set dress code, but they should avoid wearing short skirts and low-cut blouses.

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Why did France want Algeria?

The conquest of Algeria began in the last days of the Bourbon Restoration by Charles X of France . It aimed to put a definite end to Barbary privateering and increase the king’s popularity among the French people, particularly in Paris, where many veterans of the Napoleonic Wars lived.

Why did France leave Algeria?

Upon independence in 1962, 900,000 European- Algerians (Pieds-noirs) fled to France within a few months in fear of the FLN’s revenge. The French government was unprepared to receive such a vast number of refugees, which caused turmoil in France .

What language is spoken in Algeria?

Arabic Africa