How Do I Download A Complete Course From Pluralsight?

Important: You must be logged into to download from your browser. Once you’ve found a course to download on Skills, on the course page, click the Download course option under the course description. This will begin the process of downloading to your offline player.

Can Pluralsight videos be downloaded?

All paid Pluralsight Skills subscribers have access to offline viewing, which means you can use our mobile apps to download a course to your device & view while disconnected. With an active Skills subscription, you can download up to 30 courses per device for offline viewing.

How do you download and decrypt Pluralsight courses after they updated their offline player?


  1. Select the course path and DB file. Default Pluralsight path is %LOCALAPPDATA%Pluralsightcourses.
  2. After selecting the output path, select Read course.
  3. Select the courses to decrypt or press the Select all button.
  4. After selecting your preferred options, Run and wait for the decryption process to finish.

Will downloaded Pluralsight videos be available offline after my subscription expires?

Hi there Your videos on the offline player will be removed when your subscription expires. To continue to have access to the offline courses you downloaded, you will need to renew your subscription.

How do you decrypt Pluralsight videos?

Decrypt PluralSight Videos When you download offline videos through the Pluralsight app, the videos saved to the device are encrypted, and you can only watch it on their app. This tool is made to decrypt the videos (. psv), decrypt module folder names, rearrange the course folders, overall decrypting the entire course.

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How do I download udemy courses to my computer?

First of all, type the URL of the official website of Udemy and login into the account you created. Select the video or course that you want and make sure you already paid or registered for it. Click on the gear icon present in the bottom right corner. Now select the Download lecture option from the pop-up menu.

How do I download Pluralsight from github?

Hit the s key while watching the video on pluralsight and it’ll be downloaded and organized in folder with appropriate file name! Hit the a key while watching the video on pluralsight and it’ll be downloaded and organized in folder with appropriate file name!

How do I open Pluralsight PSV?

However, if a user needs to view the videos offline, they can download the videos stored in PSV files and view them with the Pluralsight Offline Player. Users can view downloaded videos in Windows and macOS using Pluralsight Offline Player and in Android and iOS using the Pluralsight app.

How do you decrypt Pluralsight videos in 2021?

How to use

  1. Step 1: Open file.
  2. Step 2: Select the course path and DB file.
  3. Step 3: After select exactly all paths, press the button.
  4. Step 4: Select the courses want to decrypt or press the button to select all courses.
  5. Step 5: Choose the option you want.