Often asked: What Is A Whipper Snipper?

A string trimmer, also called a weed eater, weed whacker, weedwacker, weed whip, line trimmer, brush cutter, whipper snipper (in Australia, Canada, and South Africa) or strimmer (in the UK and Ireland), is a garden tool for cutting grass, small weeds, and groundcover.

What is the use of whipper snipper?

Whipper snippers are designed specifically to cut grass, and only grass. Do not use a whipper snipper to trim down plants with thick stalks. Using a whipper snipper to cut anything thicker and hardier than grass could cause it to stall as leaves and other detritus start to get tangled in the trimmer line.

What does the term whipper snipper mean?

Wiktionary. whipper snippernoun. (Canada) A garden tool with a motorized spinning length of plastic string designed for trimming grass edges, especially along fences or around trees etc.

Where does the term whipper snipper come from?

The term whippersnapper is derived from the terms snipper-snapper and whip-snapper. A whip-snapper was a seventeenth-century term for a young man with nothing better to do than to hang about idly snapping a whip.

What does it mean when someone is whipped?

Slang. exhausted; tired; beat: After all that weeding, I’m whipped. Slang. excessively devoted to or controlled by one’s romantic partner.

Can you whipper snipper weeds?

You may need to mow or roughly whipper snip the area first if the weeds are tall. Leave for a few weeks until weeds are dead and then remove the plastic. Other materials, such as old carpet or thick layers of newspaper, can be used, but may take longer to work because they won’t heat up like the black plastic.