Often asked: Which Is An Achieved Status?

Achieved status is a concept developed by the anthropologist Ralph Linton for a social position that a person can acquire on the basis of merit and is earned or chosen. Examples of achieved status are being an Olympic athlete, a criminal, or a college professor.

What is considered an achieved status?

Definition of Achieved Status (noun) A status that is acquired or earned as the result of personal accomplishment and merit, that serves as a reflection of ability, choice, or personal effort.

Is caste an achieved status?

Caste, creed, sex, position in any institution are some of the factors which determine the status of a man. Position in any institution is an example of Achieved status. If he gets promoted to a new level, his status is changed in the society.

What is achieved status in society?

Achieved status refers to the status level an individual in society has earned through work, education, luck, and/or social climbing. Achieved status is changeable throughout one’s life. The individual has no control over this status, it is simply the social position they are born into (James 2017).

What is achieved status in psychology?

Achieved status is a sociological term denoting a social position that a person can acquire on the basis of merit; it is a position that is earned or chosen. It is the opposite of ascribed status. It reflects personal skills, abilities, and efforts.

What is an example of achieved?

An achieved status is one that is acquired on the basis of merit; it is a position that is earned or chosen and reflects a person’s skills, abilities, and efforts. Being a professional athlete, for example, is an achieved status, as is being a lawyer, college professor, or even a criminal.

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What are examples of status?

The definition of status is a person’s standing, position or state. Middle class is an example of a person’s financial status. Being in a position of power is an example of having status.

What is achieved status class 11?

Achieved Status is a position which a person obtains through personal (his or hers, efforts. 6. Example: For instance, one can become a doctor, engineer or lawyer by one’s own efforts.

Is a student an achieved status?

To some extent, achieved status reflects our work and effort. College student, college dropout, CEO, and thief are examples of achieved statuses.

What is ascribed status and achieved status?

Ascribed status is a term used in sociology that refers to the social status of a person that is assigned at birth or assumed involuntarily later in life. In contrast, an achieved status is a social position a person takes on voluntarily that reflects both personal ability and merit.

Which of the following is an example of an achieved status quizlet?

Race and sex are both examples of ascribed status. What are some examples of achieved status? Some examples are: being a professional athlete, becoming a lawyer, elected as President and being a parent. You just studied 10 terms!

What is an example of Master status?

Put simply, a master status is the defining social position a person holds, meaning the title the person most relates to when trying to express themselves to others. In this way, a person may identify as a teacher, firefighter, or pilot, for example.

Is gender an achieved status?

Gender is used as a means of describing the distinction between the biological sex and socialized aspects of femininity and masculinity. As a social construct, gender is considered an achieved status by feminist theory, typically (though not exclusively) one which is achieved very early in childhood.