Quick Answer: What Is Brawny Induration?

Brawny Induration – Brawny means swollen and hardened, while induration is abnormal firmness of tissues with margins. Palpate where it starts and stops. Induration results in an inability to pinch the tissues.

What causes brawny induration?

Pathological hardening and thickening of tissues, usually due to inflammation.

What does brawny edema mean?

swelling of subcutaneous tissues that cannot be indented easily by compression. Usually due to metabolic abnormality, such as increased glycosaminoglycan content, like that which occurs in Graves disease (pretibial myxedema) or in early phase of scleroderma.

What is brawny in medical terms?

adjective Having large, strong muscles; muscular; fleshy; strong, bulky, athletic, stalwart, powerful, robust.

What is the definition of induration?

Induration: Localized hardening of soft tissue of the body. The area becomes firm, but not as hard as bone.

What is an indurated mass?

Medical Definition of induration 1: an increase in the fibrous elements in tissue commonly associated with inflammation and marked by loss of elasticity and pliability: sclerosis. 2: a hardened mass or formation.

What is Lipodermatosclerosis?

Lipodermatosclerosis refers to changes in the skin of the lower legs. It is a form of panniculitis (inflammation of the layer of fat under the skin). Signs and symptoms include pain, hardening of skin, change in skin color (redness), swelling, and a tapering of the legs above the ankles.

What is bilateral edema?

Unilateral edema suggest an obstructive process, such as venous thrombosis, cancer, or infection. Bilateral edema, which is more common in older adults, is often multifactorial and may reflect a systemic process. Treating the underlying systemic cause can often lessen the edema.

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What causes unilateral edema?

Acute unilateral lower extremity oedema is usually due to DVT or trauma. Chronic unilateral lower extremity oedema is commonly due to venous insufficiency and less commonly due to lymphoedema, either primary or secondary.

What is bilateral swelling?

Bilateral swelling is usually due to systemic conditions (eg, cardiac failure) and unilateral is often due to local trauma, venous disease or lymphatic disease. Unilateral leg swelling is more often due to local causes (eg, deep vein thrombosis or cellulitis).

What do brawny means?

1: muscular also: strong, powerful. 2: being swollen and hard a brawny infected foot.

What does brawny mean in a sentence?

/ˈbrɔː.ni/ physically strong and with big muscles: He was a big brawny man with huge hands. At twelve years of age, he was already big and brawny. 5

What is the origin of brawny?

brawny (adj.) 1590s, “bulky and strong, characterized by muscle,” from brawn + -y (2).

What is a skin induration?

Definition: An area of hardness in the skin. Causes include inflammatory process and infiltration of the skin by malignant neoplasms.

What is induration in Mantoux test?

The reaction is read by measuring the diameter of induration (palpable raised, hardened area) across the forearm (perpendicular to the long axis) in millimeters. If there is no induration, the result should be recorded as “0 mm”. Erythema (redness) should not be measured.

What does induration around a wound mean?

Induration – Abnormal hardening of the tissue caused by consolidation of edema, this may be a sign of underlying infection. Erythema – Redness of surrounding tissue may be normal in the inflammatory stage of healing.