FAQ: How far from copenhagen airport to cruise terminal?

  • Generally the distance from the cruise terminals to the airport is approx. 11-13 km. 2. Re: Copenhagen Cruise Terminal to Airport -distance/time? With just three hours between disembarking and your flight leaving I would definately suggest you take a taxi. The distance isn’t far and you will probably pay around.

Eurodam can be docking at both Langelinie Pier and in Copenhagen Freeport, so without the exact date it is not possible to give concrete advice. Generally the distance from the cruise terminals to the airport is approx. 11-13 km. 2. Re: Copenhagen Cruise Terminal to Airport -distance/time?

How do I get from Copenhagen Airport to the cruise terminal?

The fastest and simplest option is to take the metro or train from Copenhagen Airport to downtown Copenhagen and then change to the bus or walk. If traveling directly to the terminal with luggage, a taxi may be worth the splurge but expect to pay around DKK500 – the fare is by the meter unless pre-booked and pre-paid.

Where does Norwegian Cruise Line dock in Copenhagen?


Name of Port Port of Copenhagen | www.cmport.com
Name/Location of Pier OCEANKAJ/OCEAN QUAY Terminal 1 or C331 (primary location), 2 or 3. Containervej 9 P.O. Box 900 DK-2100 Copenhagen Denmark. Tel. +45 3546 1111
Distance To/From Copenhagen Airport From Oceankaj/quay to Copenhagen Airport: 15.5km

Where should I stay in Copenhagen before a cruise?

Best Hotels in Copenhagen, Hotels Copenhagen City Centre (Indre By) Copenhagen City Centre is the best to stay for sightseeing. Nyhavn. Nyhavn is the most famous waterfront area in Central Copenhagen. Christianshavn. Christianshavn is one of the most beautiful neighbourhoods in Copenhagen. Østerbro.

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Is there Uber in Copenhagen?

Uber, which operates in more than 600 cities, shut down operations in Denmark on April 18 in response to new laws that would force ride-sharing drivers to essentially convert their vehicles to taxis. The service launched in Denmark in late 2014, but only operated in Copenhagen.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Copenhagen?

Taxi drivers working in Copenhagen too don’t expect tips from passengers. This is because when you pay for the cost of transportation, the tip is already included. For example, if the bill for your transportation is 62.40, then it would be appropriate (but not expected) to give them a total of 70 DKK.

What currency is used in Copenhagen?

Danish Krone Exchange Rates

Last Ch.% Date
7.4362 0.00% 03/08/ 2021

Where will my cruise ship dock in Copenhagen?

Port Copenhagen has 3 cruise ship terminals – Freeport Terminals (Malmo Port ), Langelinie Terminal, and Nordre Toldbod Terminal. Free Port Cruise Terminal is in an industrial harbor area located north of downtown. Langelinie Pier (quay berths C190-199, no terminal building) is 3 km / 2 mi away from downtown.

Which cruise terminal does Princess use in Copenhagen?

Cruise ships arriving in Copenhagen dock at the Freeport Cruise Terminal, located in an industrial harbor and the cruise ship terminal Langelinie.

Where does Royal Caribbean dock in Copenhagen?

Copenhagen has three cruise terminals: Langelinie, Nordre Toldbod and Ocean Quay.

How much is a taxi from Copenhagen Airport to the city?

Just outside both Terminal 1 and 3 you’ll find taxies. It will take around 20-30 minutes to get to the city center by taxi, and cost around 250-350 DKK, depending on the traffic. Many hotels in Copenhagen cooperates with the taxi companies offering fixed prices to the airport.

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Which area is best to stay in Copenhagen?

Here are the 6 best areas for your stay in Copenhagen, Denmark: Indre By / Copenhagen Old Town – Where to stay in Copenhagen for the first time. Vesterbro – Where to stay in Copenhagen for nightlife. Nyhavn (New Harbor) Nørrebro – Where to stay in Copenhagen on a budget. Østerbro – Where to stay in Copenhagen with a family.

Is taxi expensive in Copenhagen?

How much is the taxi fare in Copenhagen? The basic fee is DKK39. 00, the kilometer price is DKK8.

What countries have banned Uber?

10 Countries Where Uber Isn’t Available 3 Italy. 4 Bulgaria. 5 Romania. 6 Germany. 7 Canada. 8 Thailand. In the Southeast Asian country of Thailand, Uber was banned way back in 2014 for supposedly illegal practices. 9 Hungary. Hungary is a beautiful country located in Central Europe. 10 Denmark. Denmark is known as a quaint country in Scandanavia.

Do you need a car in Copenhagen?

You definitely do not need or want a car in Copenhagen. Train ride from CPH to central Copenhagen is economical and efficient and local transit is great. Copenhagen has a lot of bike parking while auto parks didn’t look very plentiful. Then also no one has to drive, worry about directions or parking.