How many lakes in ontario canada

  • There are over 250,000 lakes in Ontario, constituting around 20% of the world’s fresh water supply. This is a list of lakes of Ontario with an area larger than 400 km 2 (150 sq mi).

How many lakes does Canada have in all?

It’s believed that there are over 2 million lakes in Canada, 31,752 of which are larger than three square kilometres, with 561 of these lakes having a surface area larger than 100 square kilometres. In fact, over nine per cent of the country is covered by freshwater. That’s over 890,000 square kilometres!

Which province has the most lakes?


What percentage of lakes does Canada have?

Out of all the natural lakes in the world, more than 50% are situated in Canada .

How many lakes does Toronto have?

250,000 lakes

Why is Canada full of lakes?

The geological region with the most lakes is called the “Canadian Shield”. All of those glacial pockmarks on the land filled with natural water from ground springs, rain, and waterways to become lakes . Today, many of these small lakes are connected via natural waterways, and form much larger lake and river systems.

What are the 3 largest lakes in the world?

The Greatest Lakes

Rank Lake Name Surface Area
1 Caspian Sea 143,000 sq mi (371,000km²)
2 Superior 31,700 sq mi (82,100km²)
3 Victoria 26,590 sq mi (68,870km²)
4 Huron 23,000 sq mi (59,600km²)

What is the purest lake in the world?

Blue Lake (below), in New Zealand’s South Island, is the clearest lake in the world. It is fed by water from Lake Constance, above. Both are found just next to Mount Franklin, in the Tasman District’s Nelson Lakes National Park.

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Where is the most water in Canada?

Which are the largest bodies of water in Canada ? Our rivers and lakes situated north of 60 degrees latitude constitute some of Canada’s largest water bodies. The Mackenzie River, for example, is over 4000 kilometres long and is the country’s largest river.

Which Canadian province has the most freshwater lakes?


Does Finland have more lakes than Canada?

Of the 1.42 million lakes around the world with a size of over 0.1 sq. km, Canada is home to 62% of them. Due to its much smaller size, Finland can ‘t match Canada in size or numbers. However, Finland has 187,888 lakes and that makes it the country with the most lakes in relation to the size of the country.

What country has the most natural lakes in the world?


Which country has the most official lakes?


Is Lake Ontario dirty?

Lake Ontario may be the most polluted out of the five Great Lakes . All of the other lakes flow into it, giving it their pollution. It also receives runoff from farms and businesses around it, according to the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute.

Can you swim in Lake Ontario?

Yes! Lake Ontario offers fantastic swimming at many beaches. Not all beaches are ‘public beaches’, some are naturally occurring ‘wild beaches’ along Lake Ontario’s shoreline. Local Health Units often test water quality at public beaches and lifeguards may supervise swimmers in designated swimming areas.

Where is the deepest point of Lake Ontario?

Its primary inlet is the Niagara River from Lake Erie. The last in the Great Lakes chain, Lake Ontario serves as the outlet to the Atlantic Ocean via the Saint Lawrence River.

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Lake Ontario
Average depth 283 ft (86 m)
Max. depth 802 ft (244 m)
Water volume 393 cu mi (1,640 km3)
Residence time 6 years