James bay canada where did the water go

James Bay borders on Quebec and Ontario and islands within the bay are part of Nunavut. James Bay was discovered by Henry Hudson but named for Thomas James, an English captain who explored the area more thoroughly in 1631. The Quebec government has been developing rivers for hydroelectricity in the James Bay watershed since 1971.

What happened in James Bay Quebec?

The James Bay Project raised controversy for its effects on Indigenous communities in the area and on the environment. It flooded 11,500 km2 of wilderness land that was home to the James Bay Cree and Inuit. Vast areas of wilderness were inundated and forests incinerated in an attempt to clear debris.

What is the purpose of the James Bay project?

The James bay mega project was built to generate electricity made pollution free, and is a renewable resource so it can be used again unlike the burning of fossil fuels.

Where is James Bay Canada?

James Bay, shallow southern extension of Hudson Bay, located between northern Ontario and Quebec , Canada.

Is James Bay part of the Arctic Ocean?

Both bodies of water extend from the Arctic Ocean , of which James Bay is the southernmost part . It borders the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario. Islands within the bay , the largest of which is Akimiski Island, are part of Nunavut.

Who paid for the James Bay project?

In November 1975, the governments of Canada and Quebec signed the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement with the Cree of the James Bay region and the Inuit of northern Quebec, granting exclusive hunting and fishing rights to about 170,000 km2 of territory and about $250 million in financial compensation in return for

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What did the James Bay Cree agree to give up?

11, 1975, the Cree and Inuit give up their claim to certain land in northern Quebec in return for $225 million in compensation. The far-reaching James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement also gives the Native people special hunting and fishing rights and more opportunity for self-government.

What impact does hydroelectric development have on Quebec?

Economically, Hydro- Québec gave the province an advantage for energy-dependent industries. The creation of massive hydroelectric projects led Quebec to become a hot spot for big, energy-heavy industries such as aluminum, pulp-and-paper and chemical companies.

Is James Bay fresh or saltwater?

James Bay is a shallow brackish inland sea that is covered by ice for approximately six months of the year (Figs. JBC 5 right, JB 9). Wide bays, particularly in the southern part of James Bay , receive large amounts of fresh water from rivers (Fig.

Is James Bay Single?

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How far is James Bay from Montreal?

960 km

What is the difference between a bay and a sea?

At the edges of the oceans are seas , a part of the ocean that is partially enclosed by land. For example, the North Sea borders the Atlantic Ocean . Gulfs and bays are bodies of water that jut into the land; a gulf is larger, sometimes has a narrow mouth, and is almost completely surrounded by land.

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Can you drive from Toronto to Hudson Bay?

Yes, the driving distance between Toronto to Hudson Bay is 2887 km. It takes approximately 31h 37m to drive from Toronto to Hudson Bay .

How old is James Bay singer?

30 years (September 4, 1990) Canada