What is the legal drinking age in ontario canada

The legal drinking age in a liquor sales licensed establishment in the province of Ontario is 19 years of age. Serving people who are under 19 years of age is an offence under the Liquor Licence Act. Alcohol cannot be passed from a person of legal drinking age to a person who is under the legal drinking age.

Why should the drinking age be 21?

  • The legal drinking age limit should remain at the age of 21 because it helps prevent physical confrontations, the development of health problems, and the perpetration of immature acts. There is no reason for this to be changed to a lower age limit because younger people tend to act on impulse and have a hard time controlling their behavior, which would lead to physical confrontations, binge drinking, or involvement in immature acts.

Can you drink at 16 in Ontario?

And alcohol. Serving alcohol to minors is illegal in Ontario . However, the Liquor License Act allows parents to serve their children inside the family home and, so long as they ‘re not being served, it doesn’t prohibit other minors from drinking inside the home.

Can a 19 year old US citizen drink in Canada?

It’s not illegal for a 19 year old to drink in Canada . The US government can ‘t charge you with that. Other private parties may. And if you return to the US intoxicated, you will be committing a crime on US soil and can be prosecuted for that.

Where in Canada can you drink at 16?

In provinces like Alberta, Quebec, and Manitoba, underage drinking is allowed for 17-year-old teens as long as it is done under the supervision of parents in their residence.

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What is legal drinking age in Canada?


What is the youngest drinking age in the world?

16 years

Can I give my kid alcohol?

Some state laws only allow minors to legally consume alcohol at the home of a parent or guardian, while others only allow for minors to consume alcohol on licensed premises in the presence of their parent, guardian, or spouse.

Can US citizens under 21 drink in Canada?

Legal Drinking Age Is 18 or 19 You may have to wait until 21 years old in the U.S.A. , but make your way north and the legal drinking age goes down to 18 or 19-years-old in Canada , depending on the province.

Do you have to be 21 to drink Canada?

The minimum legal drinking age is 18 years of age in Alberta, Manitoba, and Québec, and 19 in the rest of the country. Raising the drinking age to 21 across the country would prevent 32 annual deaths of male youth 18 to 20 years old.

Why is the drinking age 19 in Ontario?

Ontario’s legal drinking age was originally lowered to 18 from 21 in 1971, but was increased to 19 in 1979 after complaints that too many high school students were getting drunk.

What is Japan’s drinking age?


Can a 16 year old drink alcohol with parents?

Under Section 117 of the Liquor Act 2007 ( NSW ), it is illegal to supply alcohol to people aged under 18 years in a private home unless it is supplied by: the child’s parent or guardian, or. an adult who has the approval of the child’s parent or guardian.

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What is the smoking age in Canada?

Exposure Current Canadian MATS laws are 18 years in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, the Yukon and Northwest Territories, and 19 years of age in the rest of the country.

Can a 20 year old date a 15 year old in Canada?

With the recent change to the criminal code of Canada , the age of consent for nonexploitative sexual activity is now 16 years . For example, a 15 – year – old can consent to having sexual intercourse with a 20 – year – old , but not with a 21- year – old .

What is the strongest alcohol in Canada?

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What is Canada’s favorite drink?

According to a recent survey conducted by ProdegeMR, bottled water was the preferred beverages for just over one quarter of Canadians. Coca Cola/ Diet Coke and fruit juice followed in second and third places, with 16.5 and 14.2 percent of respondents choosing them as their favorite beverage respectively. Canada