Why did billy the exterminator go to canada

  • Billy traveled to Canada in 2016 to begin production of the new show. The series was produced by Proper Television and featured encounters with wolves preying on livestock, beavers flooding country roads and porcupine-infested homes Billy loved being a part of the show because it was a return to his nature roots.

Why did Billy the Exterminator get canceled?

In late 2012, Bretherton left Vexcon because of personal family issues and moved to Illinois; officially ending the show after six seasons.

Is Billy the Exterminator fake?

7 Real: Billy The Exterminator Billy is a legitimate exterminator with a rather unique style. His passion for cleaning up infested places is real and palpable, and the work he’s doing is certainly helpful. We can’t say we love it, though.

How much is Billy the Exterminator worth?

Billy Bretherton Net Worth: Billy Bretherton is an American exterminator best known as the subject of the A&E reality show “Billy the Exterminator” who has a net worth of $250 thousand dollars. Billy Bretherton entered the United States Air Force at age nineteen intent on a career in law enforcement.

Where is Billy the Exterminator now 2020?

After his time at the force, Billy moved to Venton, Louisiana. He started his own company by the name of Vexcon Animal and Pest Control . Billy revealed in an interview that his father invested his retirement money in the business.

Did Billy the Exterminator divorce his wife?

And in keeping with the tradition of spouses making an early appearance and then quickly exiting, Billy’s wife , Mary, also left after the first season under somewhat contested circumstances– more on that later– though the pair remain married .

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How long is Billy the Exterminator in jail?

Billy was sentenced to 60 days in jail , BUT he won’t have to serve time if he pays a $500 fine, completes four 8-hour days of community service, undergoes substance abuse evaluation and steers clear of drugs and alcohol.

How much of hoarders is staged?

Though the series is produced and edited like any reality show, the people featured have very real , and very severe, hoarding problems. One reddit user, whose dad once assisted in a cleanup, confirmed the legitimacy of the show. “Surprisingly it’s all very real ,” the source shared.

How many seasons of Billy the Exterminator?


What does Billy the Exterminator use to kill roaches?


What channel is Billy the Exterminator on?

A&E Network

When did Billy the Exterminator start?

February 4, 2009

What does Vexcon mean?

Vexcon is a family business founded in Bossier City, Louisiana in May, 1996. Since 1996, this family-owned and operated company has provided effective and reliable pest control for residential and commercial customers throughout Louisiana, focusing on Shreveport, Benton, Bossier, and surrounding areas.

Is Billy the Exterminator on drugs?

William “ Billy ” Bretherton , star of the A&E reality TV show Billy the Exterminator , was arrested on drug possession charges in his home state of Louisiana. He said police found the Brethertons, both of Benton, La., with suspected synthetic marijuana and a device commonly used to smoke narcotics.

Did Billy the Exterminator mom died?

They realized that she’s the kidnapped child that they heard on the news that Billy was on. That news channel also confirmed that she was dead. Her real name is Harley Ellie Bretherton .

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Is Vexcon pest control still in business?

Shortly after that, Billy Bretherton left the family extermination business in Benton, Louisiana ( Vexcon Animal and Pest Control ) that was featured in Billy the Exterminator , officially ending the series run on A&E. Canada