Detroit Locker How It Works?

With the application of torque, the Detroit Locker automatically locks both wheels of the rear axle together. It functions in a similar way as a spool, providing a firm connection between the two wheels. Because of the uneven speed of the wheels, when a turn is made, the Detroit Locker is forced to disengage.

  • The Detroit Locker is a differential with an automated locking mechanism.
  • The transmission is generally locked during straight-line driving and delivers 100 percent of the available torque to both wheels in an equal distribution of torque.
  • During turns and maneuvers, the internal components of the vehicle release, allowing one wheel to spin faster or slower depending on the circumstances (free wheel).

What is the Detroit Locker?

The Detroit Locker is a fully automated locking differential that delivers maximum traction in a wide range of automotive applications, from moderate to severe in nature. A special, bullet-proof design has been developed to retain both wheels in drive mode even if one of them is lifted off the ground by a single force.

Why choose the Eaton Detroit Locker?

If you choose the Detroit Locker, you will have the strongest and most durable performance differential available today. The Eaton Detroit Locker is capable of improving traction in a wide range of automobiles. C-clip type axles, as well as units for front and rear-axle applications, are now available on the market.