FAQ: What Is A 4 Pin Berg Connector Used For?

the four-pin polarized Berg connectors used to connect 3½-inch floppy disk drive units to the power supply unit, usually referred to as simply a “floppy power connector”, but often also referred to as LP4. This connector has a 2.50 mm (0.098 in) pitch (not 2.54 mm).

What is a 4-pin auxiliary connector?

The auxiliary connector is a four or six wire power supply connector that connects to the motherboard. This connector provides additional power to the computer processor and other power hungry devices like a video.

What is a 4-pin connector called?

The Molex 4-pin power supply connector is one of the standard peripheral power connectors in computers today. The power connector itself is a Molex 8981 connector called the AMP MATE-N-LOK.

What connector does a floppy drive use?

Floppy Disk Drive Cable The cable uses a 34-pin IDC connector [requiring a 34-pin device header], and a 34-pin flat ribbon cable [IDC Definition]. The connector size differ between the two drive types, with the 5.25″ drives requiring a larger connector.

Do I need 4 pin ATX?

Usually you don’t need to connect the extra 4-pin (for a total of 12 pins), which means you only need the 4+4 pin (8 pin total ) connector on your Seasonic PSU. 8 pins are required, the extra 4 pins are optional.

How does a 4 pin connector work?

A four pin connector is a little different than the three pin connector since it has the extra (fourth) wire used for controlling and sending signals to the fan, which likely has a chip on it that tells it to slow down or speed up (in addition to the other wires the three pin connector has).

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What is the 4 pin 12V connector for?

The ATX 4-pin power supply connector is a standard motherboard power connector used to provide +12 VDC to the processor voltage regulator.

Do you need 4 pin CPU power connector?

4 pin is for extra stability when overclocking etc. It is not necessary to use the additional 4 pin connector if you’re not pushing the board or CPU too hard. Basic everyday computing and gaming won’t require it. It’s definitely not needed for normal operation or even a slight overclock.

Where is the Berg connector located?

The best known Berg connector connects a computer power supply to a floppy drive. The Berg Electronics Corporation, located in St. Louis, Missouri, manufactured the Berg connector for many years. In 1998, it became a division of a European manufacturing company, Framatome Connectors International.

Where do you connect the floppy connector?

Today, if any floppy drive is in the computer it would connects to “Drive A:” and the end cable connected to the motherboard. The floppy channel, FDD header, or floppy connection is where the floppy drive connects to the computer motherboard.

Why does my motherboard have a 4-pin connector?

The extra 4-pin (sometimes eight) connector is for the CPU. It provides a dedicated 12V supply to the CPU for when it needs it. That way, the CPU does not draw from the same source as the rest of the components in the system.

Do I need both ATX Powerconnectors?

You need to connect both 24pin and 8pin. 24 pin is main power for motherboard. 8 pin is power for CPU. About GPU, yes you put your GPU into PCI-E slot and plug 2x 6+2 connectors to card and psu.