How Do I Call Paris?

011 + 33 + 1 + Local Number – International calling code format. 011 + 33 + 1 + Local Number – Paris city code format.

Make a call to France using the international code 0033 and the number without the initial 0 as a starting point. For example, the following is a Paris phone number: 00 33 1 40 00 00 00.

How to call Paris from the United States?

Make a call to France using the international code 0033 and the number without the initial 0 as your destination. In the case of a Paris phone number, the following is an example: +33 1 40 20 20

How to call France phone numbers?

To make a call to France, dial the country’s area code followed by the phone numbers. Call the number 011 33 01 22 33 44 55: You’ll need to know the exit code for the United States, the country code for France, and the area code for Paris, and the remaining eight numbers will be the precise phone number you’re trying to reach in France.

What is the area code to dial to Paris?

1 is the area or city code that is used to dial into Paris while making a phone call. 33 1 45 24 52 82 (33 1 45 24 52 82). The local phone number you provided is 33 1 45 24 52 82.

Do I need to dial the exit code when calling from France?

If you are using a mobile phone from the United States and you are attempting to contact another US number from France, you do not need to dial the international access code.

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How do I dial Paris?

Here’s an example of a phone call from the United States to Paris using the phone number 011-33-1-66-66-66.

  1. The exit code is 011. Dial 33, the country code for France
  2. 1 for Paris
  3. 66-66-66-66, the phone number
  4. and 1 for a map of the city are also necessary.

How do I dial Paris from UK?

Making a phone call to a French phone number from the United Kingdom

  1. Enter the number 00 into your phone – this is the exit code for the United Kingdom. On a mobile phone, you may just enter ‘+’ to begin the process.
  2. After that, add 33, which is the country-specific code for France
  3. Complete the sentence by inputting the final nine digits of the French phone number you are calling, excluding the initial digit, which will be a zero

What is a +33 number?

France is represented by the country code 33 on the Worldometer.

How do I call France from my cell phone?

Begin by dialing 011, which is the exit code for the United States. From a cellphone, you may substitute the letter ‘+. Then you’ll need to add 33, which is the French country code. Finally, enter the French phone number you wish to use to join the group, omitting the 0 at the beginning of the number (you should have 9 digits to dial).

How do you call France on Whatsapp?

Open the address book on your phone. When inputting a contact’s phone number, begin by typing a plus sign (+) before the number. Enter the country code first, followed by the phone number in its entirety. It is important to note that while calling another country, a country code must be supplied before the entire national phone number.

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What is the code to call France from UK?

The way the number is put together

Number Comments
00 00 is the international prefix used to dial somewhere outside of United Kingdom.
33 33 is the international code used to dial to France.
1 1 is the local area or city code used to dial to Paris. (The entered number already included the area code)

What country code is 3?

Tree list

x = 0 x = 3
1x +1: North American Numbering Plan countries and territories CA, US, AG, AI, AS, BB, BM, BS, DM, DO, GD, GU, JM, KN, KY, LC, MP, MS, PR, SX, TC, TT, VC, VG, VI, UM
+1 340: VI +1 345: KY
2x +20: EG +23: unass.
21x +210: — +213: DZ

How do you dial a French number in France?

How to make international calls from a landline in France

  1. The international access code is 00
  2. the country code for France is 33
  3. and the phone number should be dialed without the first digit. As an example, if a French phone number is listed as, you would dial
  4. if a phone number is published as, you would dial

How can I call Paris for free?

Free Calls to France

  1. Customers who have an included call subscription are able to make completely free phone calls.
  2. Free calls to France are available at any time of day or night.
  3. Simply dial 0845 222 6666 + 0033 + the local number to reach a representative.

How do I dial an international call?

For international calls, dial 011, followed by the country code for the country you are contacting, followed by the area or city code and finally the telephone number. Example: If you want to contact someone in Brazil (country code 55), but you want to reach them in the city of Rio de Janeiro (city code 21), you would dial the following numbers: 1-1155-21 xxxxxxx-xxxxxx

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What are 09 numbers in France?

On September 6, 2006, the 09 prefix was adopted for non-geographic numbers and special services, while earlier numbers such as 08 7x (used for VoIP in Internet boxes) and 09 5x (used for VoIP in telephone exchanges) were replaced by 09 5x (used for VoIP in telephone exchanges) (telephone service offered by Internet service provider Free, later followed by other French ISPs).

What does +33 mean in France?

France has the country code 33. Code of the phone. For France, the international dialing code is 33.