How Far Is Cape San Blas From Panama City?

If you drive non-stop, the distance between Panama City Beach and Cape San Blas is 1 hour and 16 minutes. Taking this path will take you from Panama City Beach, FL to Cape San Blas, FL in the shortest amount of time. Mexico Beach, Florida, serves as the midway point.

Is Cape San Blas close to Panama City?

A little more than two hours from Tallahassee, the Cape San Blas region is roughly an hour and a half away from Panama City Beach.

Is Cape San Blas a good beach?

The Best Beaches in Florida The beaches of Cape San Blas are not only stunningly gorgeous, but they are also ideal for spending a relaxing day with family and friends. In Cape San Blas, you won’t have to worry about the crowds that may be seen on certain Florida beaches; you’ll have vast lengths of sand all to yourself.

What major airport is closest to Cape San Blas FL?

The closest airport to Cape San Blas Light is Panama City (ECP) Airport, which is located 54.5 miles away and serves the surrounding area. Other nearby airports are Tallahassee (TLH), which is 79 miles away, Valparaiso (VPS), which is 91.8 miles away, and Pensacola (PNS) (123.9 miles).

Is Cape San Blas still there?

The diversified fauna, shell-rich beaches, and slower pace of life that characterize Cape San Blas are still very much in evidence today. Horseback riding on the beach, treks on the Maritime Hammock Trail, and miles of bike paths are still available for you to enjoy. However, restoration is a process, just as it is in life.

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What is the water like in Cape San Blas?

The summer months of Cape San Blas are filled with sunlight and warm Gulf seas. Swimming and sunbathing are ideal activities on the beaches. Additionally, the summer months coincide with sea turtle nesting season, so keep an eye out for nesting turtles and be mindful of designated nesting sites while you’re out enjoying the white sand beaches.

What is Cape San Blas known for?

You’ll discover miles and miles of uncrowded, pure white sand beaches in this area. Pet-friendly vacation homes, fishing, kayaking, and boating, as well as family-owned restaurants offering fresh Florida seafood, are among the area’s major attractions. The iconic Cape San Blas lighthouse is also nearby.

Can you swim in Cape San Blas?

Stone Memorial Street is a street named after Thomas Henry Stone. In addition to some of the greatest camping and fishing in the region, the state park has various access points to the beach, which provides unspoilt beaches for sunbathing, shelling, and swimming, among other activities (though be aware of rip tides and other hazards).

Does Cape San Blas have clear water?

Families adore the beach at Cape San Blas because of the gorgeous soft, sugary white sand, the pure blue-green ocean, the low, gentle surf, and the abundance of sea creatures.

Is Port St Joe the same as Cape San Blas?

On the St. Joseph Peninsula, a thin sliver of land stretching out from Port St. Joe and curving around St. Joseph Bay, lies Cape San Blas, which means ″Cape of the Blas.″

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How long is Cape San Blas FL?

Cape San Blas, in Gulf County, Florida, is one of the most popular tourist locations on Florida’s Forgotten Coast, and it’s easy to see why. Because this 17-mile-long peninsula arcs around St. Joseph Bay, all of the coastal rentals are only a few steps away from the gulf or the exquisite white beaches, regardless of their location.

How far is airport from Cape San Blas?

A 55-mile drive separates Panama City International Airport (ECP) from Cape San Blas Lighthouse. 71.6 miles separate the two points on the route. The journey from Panama City International Airport (ECP) to Cape San Blas Light takes around 45 minutes. The 71.6-mile trip from Panama City International Airport (ECP) to Cape San Blas Light takes roughly 1h 39 minutes.

Can you drive on beach in Cape San Blas?

In Port St. Joe, at the Gulf County Tax Collector’s office, which is located in the courthouse, you may purchase an annual permission to drive on the beach. Non-residents of Gulf County can purchase annual passes for $300.

Is the water blue at Cape San Blas?

For a good reason, Florida’s Forgotten Coast is referred to as such: miles and miles of pure white sandy beaches and crystal blue ocean water, all without the people!

Can you drive a golf cart on Cape San Blas?

Cape San Blas Road is a state highway with a speed restriction of 45 miles per hour. There are no golf carts, side by sides, four-wheelers, or even licensed low-speed vehicles allowed on the highway, right-of-way, or bike path, not even to cross the road, according to the regulations.