How Far Is Excellence Playa Mujeres From Cancun Airport?

Excellence Playa Mujeres is a romantic adults-only resort located in a gated enclave with an inland port and a Greg Norman-designed golf course that overlooks the Caribbean Sea and offers a private beach.What is the distance between Excellence Playa Mujeres Resort and Cancun International Airport?The Excellence Playa Mujeres Resort is approximately 28.5 kilometers from Cancun International Airport.

Excellence It takes 23 minutes to drive from Cancun International Airport to Playa Mujeres, which is 18.8 kilometers (11.656 kilometers) away.

How do I get from Cancun Airport to Playa Mujeres?

Playa Mujeres is a small village approximately 3.6 kilometers (14 kilometers) or 27 kilometers (minutes) from Cancun International Airport. Itinerary and information on transportation from Cancun International Airport to Playa Mujeres.

Van departs from: Cancun International Airport
Schedule: 24/7
Type of vehicle: Private van
Transportation company: Happy Shuttle Cancun

Is it safe to travel to Excellence Playa Mujeres?

Playa Mujeres and the resorts in the region are as secure as they possibly can be, and all of the resorts inside the guarded entry of PM are rated as 5*, ensuring that you will be staying in the best accommodations available. Travel advisories are little more than reiterations of information that has always been available.

How far is Excellence Riviera Cancun from airport?

This hotel is located 23.4 kilometers (14.508 kilometers) or 23 minutes away from Cancun International Airport. It is a four-star establishment. To go from Cancun International Airport to Excellence Riviera Cancun, the most convenient mode of transportation is by private vehicle with professional drivers.

Which is better Excellence Riviera or Playa Mujeres?

We stayed at the EPM since it is a smaller resort with a smaller and quieter club pool, which is where we spent the most of our time each day. Generally speaking, either location is excellent. The ERC had a somewhat larger club area that accommodated a few more people, but both locations are excellent.

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What should I avoid in Cancun?

  1. There are ten things that you should absolutely avoid doing when in Cancun. If you only stay in the hotel zone, you risk losing your resort bracelet. If you only stay in Cancun, you risk eating at Seor Frog’s. If you only stay in Cancun, you risk losing your resort bracelet. If you only stay in Cancun, you risk losing your resort bracelet.

What is Playa Mujeres known for?

Recreational activities in the resort Although the city is well-known for its luxurious hotels, there is much to do in Playa Mujeres to keep you entertained throughout your stay there. This is the finest area to stay in Cancun if you want to get away from the noise and activity of the hotel district.

Do you have to quarantine after returning from Mexico?

Additionally, you are not required to self-quarantine following travel. If you experience symptoms of COVID-19 after traveling, you should isolate yourself and talk with a healthcare specialist for testing suggestions.

Which excellence resort is best in Mexico?

The Excellence Collection is a part of the Best of the Best collection. It comes as no surprise that Excellence Playa Mujeres was recently recognized as the #1 Best All Inclusive Hotel in Mexico and the #3 Best All Inclusive Hotel in the World as a consequence of the continual Bespoke Service given by our high-end brands.

Is Excellence Club worth it Cancun?

The Riviera Cancun resort is unquestionably on the more expensive side of the spectrum when it comes to Cancun resorts, but when you consider the level of service, the quality of the cuisine, and the overall feeling of luxury that you experience when you stay at this resort, the price is well worth it.

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What is the difference between excellence and beloved Playa Mujeres?

Among the three resorts, Finest and Excellence are the largest, each with more than 400 rooms, while Beloved is a boutique resort with only 80 rooms.

Are gratuities included at Excellence Resorts?

Technically, gratuities are included at this resort, however they are not included for activities or transportation outside of the property, which is understandable.

How many restaurants does Excellence Playa Mujeres have?

A gourmet room service menu is provided 24 hours a day at Excellence Playa Mujeres, in addition to the nine restaurants, snack bars, and lounges on the premises.

Is Excellence Club worth the extra money?

It was more than a year ago. Yes, without a doubt. First and foremost, the restaurant reserved only for club members is the greatest of all the eateries for breakfast and supper. In addition, the two special parts of the beach are well worth the additional expense.