How Far Is Madeira From Lisbon?

The driving distance between Lisbon and Madeira is 968 kilometers. This air travel distance equates to 601 miles in total distance.

How to get to Madeira from Lisbon?

The number of flights between Lisbon and Madeira has increased to 69 per week as of January 2018. On a daily basis, you may discover low-cost flights from Lisbon to Madeira to save money. TAP Portugal, easyJet, and Azores International are the most common airlines that operate these trips. All flights from Lisbon to Madeira are nonstop and nonstop only.

How long is the flight from Funchal to Lisbon?

It takes an average of 1 hour and 50 minutes to fly from Funchal (Madeira) to Lisbon (Portugal). What is the distance between Lisbon and Funchal (Madeira)? A total of 599 miles separate Funchal (Madeira) from Lisbon (Portugal) (964 kilometers).

What is the difference between Madeira and Madeira?

The main difference is that Madeira is significantly colder in July, with a maximum temperature of around 22 degrees Celsius. Madeira also enjoys slightly milder winters, with average high temperatures of around 12 degrees Celsius. During the fall and winter months, both cities receive a significant amount of precipitation.

What to do in Madeira?

Food in Madeira may be purchased at reasonable prices from establishments like Taberna Madeira, which is equivalent to the cost of eating out on the island of Lisbon. When it comes to public transportation on Madeira, the bus service, Horários do Funchal, is your best choice for getting about. This bus will take you to Funchal, which is the regional capital.

Is there a ferry from Lisbon to Madeira?

Unfortunately, the ferry service between the mainland and Madeira was suspended in 2012 due to a disagreement over port taxes. Since then, there have been no public ferries that sail between Lisbon and Madeira, making it impossible to access the island by sea unless you rent a private boat or go as part of a tour.

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Can you drive from Lisbon to Madeira?

To answer your question, the driving distance between Lisbon and A Madeira is 670 kilometers. The travel from Lisbon to A Madeira takes roughly 6 hours and 36 minutes.

How much does the ferry cost from Portugal to Madeira?

Ticket rates for the ferry to Madeira Unfortunately, the prices of tickets for visitors and non-residents are not as attractive: 85 euros for an adult and 42.50 euros for a kid between the ages of 4 and 11 years. Children under the age of four travel for free. A two-person cabin will cost you 187.05 euro each person, while a four-person cabin will cost you 124.80 euro each.

Can you get a ferry from Portugal to Madeira?

The only ferry route between the Madeira Islands and Portugal is now managed by a single ferry company, Porto Santo Line, and it is operated by a single ferry company. The Funchal to Porto Santo ferry trip is available seven days a week, with planned sailing times beginning at about 2 hours 30 minutes.

How many days do you need in Madeira?

If you are on a tight schedule, spending at least seven days in Madeira will allow you to see the most of the island’s sights and attractions. Setting aside 10 days will provide you with a vacation that is more pleasant if you want to spend some time relaxing by the pool and taking some time off from your travel plans.

Which is better Madeira or Azores?

Madeira has far more tourist and infrastructure, whilst the Azores are better known for their rough natural beauty. In addition, the Azores are more dispersed, necessitating the use of planes to move between islands. The weather in the Azores is wetter and slightly colder than the weather in Madeira.

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How do I get from Lisbon to Madeira?

The TAP trip from Lisbon to Madeira takes 90 minutes and is the quickest and most convenient method to get there. A stop at the Madeira airport is made before continuing on to Porto Santo by one of the daily flights (9-13 depending on the season).

How far is Madeira from the mainland?

The archipelago of Madeira is located 520 kilometers (280 nautical miles) off the coast of Africa and 1,000 kilometers (540 nautical miles) from the coast of the European continent (approximately a one-and-a-half-hour flight from the Portuguese capital of Lisbon).

How do I get from Portugal to Madeira?

Unfortunately, there is no train connection that connects the island of Madeira with the rest of the country of Portugal at this time. Apart from taking a flight, the only option to get to this location is to take a ferry or a boat to the island from your starting point. The number of commercial ferries that go to and from Madeira during the summer season is rather large.

Can you drive Madeira?

Is driving in Madeira a simple task? The majority of Madeira’s roads are in excellent condition, making driving a breeze. The motorways are excellent and straightforward to navigate. In order to navigate some mountain routes and steeper hills, you will need to be an experienced driver. For your own safety and comfort, we recommend renting an automatic car.

How do I get from Algarve to Madeira?

Because there are no direct flights from the Algarve to Madeira, the only way to get there right now is to take a train or a bus to Lisbon and then fly from there. Travel time by coach, rail, or bus from Lagos to Lisbon Airport is around 4 – 5 hours total; flight time to Madeira is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes – Madeira is approximately 600 miles from Lisbon.

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Is there a ferry from Algarve to Madeira?

This picturesque city in the Algarve serves as the departure point for the Madeira ferry service. It was one of the most unpleasant parts of the journey since the port facility is so tiny.

What is the best time of year to go to Madeira?

The spring season in Madeira may very well be the most pleasant time to visit. During the months of March, April, and May, and particularly towards the conclusion of the season, you can expect shorts and T-shirt weather, however there is the possibility of heavy rain at times. Walking through the woods in the spring brings out the vibrant colors of the leaves you will see.

Is Madeira owned by Portugal?

The Madeira Islands, also known as the Arquipélago da Madeira in Portuguese, are an archipelago of volcanic origin in the North Atlantic Ocean that is part of Portugal. Madeira and Porto Santo are two inhabited islands, while the Desertas and Selvagens are two uninhabited groupings of islands that make up the archipelago.

What airport do you fly to for Madeira?

  1. Madeira has a number of airports.
  2. Madeira Airport (FNC) is one of the most visually arresting airports in the world.
  3. It is located on the island of Madeira.

The tiny runway is flanked on one side by mountains and on the other by the ocean, making it one of Europe’s most challenging but stunning landings, despite its short length.There is only one terminal, which is partly underground, and it serves the whole city.