How Far Is Port St Joe From Panama City?

What is the distance between Port Saint Joe, Florida and Panama City, Florida? The driving distance between the two locations is 36 miles. DISTANCE TO GO DRIVING Traveling by car from Panama City, Florida to Port Saint Joe

Are Port St Joe beaches nice?

A large number of vacation houses and pet-friendly beaches along the beachfront, which faces west and offers stunning sunsets. It’s a terrific area for old-fashioned leisure, especially because there are several local seafood eateries nearby.

Does Port St Joe have an airport?

In the vicinity of Port Saint Joe, Florida, the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP / KECP) is the nearest major airport. There are 58 miles between the heart of Port Saint Joe, Florida and this airport, which is located in Panama City, Florida. Those seeking for domestic flights to ECP may look up the airlines that fly to ECP on the website.

How far is Port St Joe from PCB?

United States Highway 98 connects Port St. Joe to Panama City, which is roughly 35 miles southeast of the city.

Where is St Joe Beach?

St. Joe Beach is located between Mexico Beach and Port St. Joe, and it is near to Windmark Beach, which is the newest St. Joe residential development.

Does Port St Joe have clear water?

Joe Bay, also known as St. Joseph Bay, is unique in that it does not get a considerable amount of water from a river. Because of this, the bay’s waters are clean and gorgeous for the most of the year.

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What is the water like in Port St Joe?

On the Port St Joe side of the coast, the water appears to be quite brackish in nature. As a result, when I learned about St Josephs Peninsula State Park and how pure and lovely the water is there, my family and I decided to visit. It took us around 15-20 minutes to get there, and we arrived at approximately 10:30 a.m. The sand is just stunning.

Where do you fly into for Port St Joe Florida?

The closest airports in the area are the Apalachicola Municipal airport (AAF IATA), which is located approximately 17 miles southeast of Port St Joe in Apalachicola, Florida, the Panama City Northwest Florida International airport (ECP IATA), which is located approximately 60 miles northwest of Port St Joe in Panama City, Florida, and the Tallahassee Regional airport (TLS IATA), which is located approximately 60 miles northwest of Port St Joe in Tallahassee, Florida.

How far is Port St Joe from airport?

Between Panama City International Airport (ECP) and Port St. Joe is a distance of 48 miles.

What airport for Port St Lucie Florida?

What airports are in close proximity to Port St. Lucie? Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) is the nearest airport (43.81 mi). Other nearby airports are Melbourne (MLB) (59.96 miles away), Fort Lauderdale (FLL) (83.95 miles away), Orlando (MCO) (98.71 miles away), and Fort Myers SW Florida Intl (RSW) (59.96 miles away) (99.92 mi).

What is Port St Joe known for?

Located on the shores of St. Joseph Bay, a Gulf of Mexico arm that stretches approximately 15 miles north to south and 6 miles wide, Port St. Joe is a popular tourist destination. Tourists and Floridians alike referred to Port St Joe as ″the stinky paper mill town″ throughout the better part of the twentieth century.

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How long is Cape San Blas FL?

Cape San Blas, in Gulf County, Florida, is one of the most popular tourist locations on Florida’s Forgotten Coast, and it’s easy to see why. Because this 17-mile-long peninsula arcs around St. Joseph Bay, all of the coastal rentals are only a few steps away from the gulf or the exquisite white beaches, regardless of their location.

Is Florida near Mexico?

Florida is approximately 2153 kilometers distant from Mexico, which means that if you drive at a constant speed of 50 kilometers per hour, you would arrive in Mexico in 57 hours and 44 minutes. Your trip time to Mexico may vary based on the speed of your bus or train, as well as the mode of transportation you choose.

Are beaches in Port St. Joe open?

The beach in Joseph Bay, as well as the nearby gulf beach, are available for day use. During peak hours, parking is difficult to come by. The hurricane caused a breach between the gulf and the bay, splitting the park just north of the boat launch in Eagle Harbor and causing the park to be closed.

Can you drive on St Joe Beach?

In Port St. Joe, at the Gulf County Tax Collector’s office, which is located in the courthouse, you may purchase an annual permission to drive on the beach.

What time zone is Port St. Joe in?

Port Saint Joe, Florida, United States is in the Eastern Time Zone.

Current: EST — Eastern Standard Time
Next Change: EDT — Eastern Daylight Time
Current Offset: UTC/GMT -5 hours
Difference: Same time as New York