How Far Is Puerto Vallarta From Mexico City?

Between Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta, the distance between them is 651 kilometers. The total road distance is 854.9 kilometers. What is the best way to get from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta without renting a car? Bus and cab are the most efficient modes of transportation between Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta without a car, taking 10 hours 36 minutes and costing $1800 – $2500.

How far is Puerto Vallarta from Mexico City by plane?

In how long does it take to go by plane from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta? Direct flights from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta take roughly 1 hour and 25 minutes to travel the 410 miles between the two cities.

How far apart is Mexico City from Puerto Vallarta?

The distance between Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta is 404 miles / 650.17 kilometers / 351.07 nautical miles.

Is Cancun or Puerto Vallarta better?

Cancun, on the other hand, has a far bigger assortment of accommodations.When it comes to accommodations, Cancun outperforms the majority of other destinations.Puerto Vallarta, on the other hand, offers a more real Mexican atmosphere, whereas Cancun is heavily Americanized.Consequently, if you want large resorts, Cancun is the place to go, whereas boutique hotels may be found in Puerto Vallarta.

Is Puerto Vallarta safer than Cancun?

Is it safer to travel to Puerto Vallarta or Cancun? Because they are both tourist attractions, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun are reasonably secure places to visit. Having saying that, Puerto Vallarta has a lower crime rate than Cancun.

How far are the beaches from Mexico City?

Travel time from Mexico City to the beach Traveling at a constant pace of 50 KM per hour from Mexico City to Beach will take you around 74 hours and 8 minutes. Mexico City is located approximately 2934 KM distant from Beach. Your beach travel time may vary based on the speed of your bus or train, as well as the type of transportation you take.

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How far apart are Cancun and Puerto Vallarta?

If you go by plane, the distance between Puerto Vallarta and Cancun is around 1200 miles, however it takes approximately two hours to reach your destination.

How safe is Mexico City?

Even though Mexico City is a fairly secure place, there are still some safety precautions that tourists should follow to reduce hazards such as petty crime, covid-19, and scams. A lot of the neighborhoods in Mexico City are safe and enjoyable to visit if you know where to go and which areas to avoid visiting.

How much is the bus from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta?

The bus from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta costs $585 pesos (9/13/2019) and takes around five hours to reach its destination.

What is Puerto Vallarta known for?

Puerto Vallarta is a lovely resort town on Mexico’s Pacific coast, in the state of Jalisco, and it is a popular tourist destination. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is one of the most popular holiday locations in the world, thanks to its stunning beaches, marine life, water sports, and local resorts, among other things.

What is the best time of year to visit Puerto Vallarta?

While visiting Puerto Vallarta, the ideal time to go is between April and June, when the weather is good and the hotel room costs are reasonable. When opposed to the winter high season, these months saw less rain and fewer tourists than the winter high season. It is recommended that you visit between December and March if you are interested in whale watching.

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What airport do you fly into to go to Puerto Vallarta?

You will arrive at the Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport (PVR), which is located around five miles from the city center. The most popular airports in Mexico for flights to Puerto Vallarta are Mexico City (MEX) and Guadalajara (GJU), respectively (GDL).