How long is a flight from san francisco to hawaii?

  • The total flight duration from San Francisco, CA to Hawaii is 4 hours, 53 minutes.

Flying time from San Francisco, CA to Hawaii The total flight duration from San Francisco, CA to Hawaii is 4 hours, 53 minutes. This is the average in-air flight time (wheels up to wheels down on the runway) based on actual flights taken over the past year, including routes like SFO to HNL.

How long does it take to fly from Hawaii to San Francisco?

Flight time from Honolulu to San Francisco, CA is 4 hours 53 minutes. Distance from Honolulu to San Francisco, CA is approximately 3860 kilometers.

How far is San Francisco from Hawaii by plane?

The distance from San Francisco to Honolulu by plane is 2398 Miles. This is the air distance on the most direct route taken by the vast majority of flights.

Can you fly direct from San Francisco to Hawaii?

How long is the flight from San Francisco to Hawaii? Departing from San Francisco to Hawaii will take you 5h 18m. Generally, flights for this route are nonstop.

How long does it take to go from California to Hawaii by plane?

How Long Is the Flight to Hawaii From California? For travelers who fly from Sacramento, San Francisco or San Jose, a direct flight to Honolulu takes about five hours and 40 minutes. The average flight to Honolulu from Los Angeles is typically only about 10 minutes longer, clocking in around five hours and 50 minutes.

What is the cheapest time of year to visit Hawaii?

When is the Cheapest Time to Visit Hawaii

  • The Fall. September through the first two weeks of December are the off-peak or “low season” in Hawaii.
  • April and May. The months between the end of the winter rainy season and the start of summer offer great prices and fantastic weather.
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When should you not go to Hawaii?

Hawaii’s Weather

When it’s raining on one side of an island in Hawaii, though, the sun is usually shining on another, a short drive away. However, if the priority is to avoid heavy downpours in traditionally fun-in-the-sun locations such as Waikiki, Poipu, Kona and Kihei, the worst time to go is November through April.

Is Hawaii expensive to visit?

Hawaii is a dream destination! There is a good chance that you will fall in love with the islands of Hawaii at first sight, but you should warn yourself now: Hawaii is an expensive destination, or even very expensive if you want to enjoy local activities or stay in one of the beautiful resorts along the ocean.

What city is closest to Hawaii?

Major cities near Hawaii County, HI

  • 196 miles to Honolulu, HI.
  • 2483 miles to San Francisco, CA.
  • 2492 miles to Oakland, CA.
  • 2498 miles to San Jose, CA.
  • 2500 miles to Fremont, CA.
  • 2553 miles to Stockton, CA.
  • 2559 miles to Modesto, CA.
  • 2563 miles to Sacramento, CA.

Can you get to Hawaii without flying?

Via a serendipitous sea/rail connection that occurs several times a year. Each spring and fall, this route gives travelers the opportunity to visit Hawaii’s four major islands for 12 days, enjoy nine days at sea, and take a two-day train trip along the Pacific Coast — all without ever once visiting an airport.

How far is Hawaii from SF?

What is the distance between San Francisco and Honolulu? San Francisco is one of the closer U.S. cities in terms of proximity to Honolulu, and the distance from San Francisco to Hawaii is a brisk 2,393 miles.

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How long is a flight from oak to Hawaii?

The total flight duration from Oakland, CA to Hawaii is 5 hours.

How many miles is it from San Francisco to Hawaii?

The shortest distance (air line) between SanFrancisco and Hawaii is 2,341.86 mi (3,768.86 km).

What do Hawaiians call the mainland?

Just What Is A Mainlander In Hawaii? A mainlander is somebody from the ‘mainland,’ in this case, from the 48 contiguous United States (Alaskans gets a break). Also, mainlander generally means caucasian.

How long do you fly over the ocean to get to Hawaii?

So first up, exactly how long is the flight to Hawaii? Well it depends where you’re traveling from. From the west coast, flights are only 5-6 hours (6 hours going, 5 hours coming home).

What is the closest state to Hawaii?

The closest state to Hawaii is Alaska. “The distance between the Hawaiian island of Kure Atoll and Amatignak Island (Nitrof Point) in Alaska is only about 1,573 miles.