How Tall Is A Chevy Express Van?

The 2017 Chevrolet City Express Cargo Van has 122.7 cubic feet of interior cargo capacity, with open space reaching a full 53 inches tall by 48 inches wide at the wheel wells and 82.8 inches deep at the rear of the vehicle. The front passenger seat may be folded forward to provide even more space for transporting lengthy packages on occasion.

Overall length (in / mm): 224 / 5696 (135-in.) 244 / 6188 (155-in.)
Overall width (in / mm): 79.2 / 2012 (135-in.) 79.2 / 2012 (155-in.)
Overall height (in /mm) 84.6 / 2148 (135-in.) 84.3 / 2142 (155-in.)
Track (in / mm)

What was the original name of the Chevrolet Express van?

Chevrolet introduced the Chevrolet Express model name for full-size passenger vans for the 1996 model year, with the Chevrolet Van brand name returning for cargo vans (renamed Express Cargo Van for 1999 ).

What are the dimensions of a Chevy Express van?

With its large size, the Chevy will demand a lot of turning of the steering wheel in confined spaces, much like most vans do. Its wheelbase is 135.15 inches in its normal form, giving it a total length of 224.05 inches, which is the same as the Express’s overall length. By selecting the 155.15-inch wheelbase, the overall length may be raised to 244.05 inches.

What does the Chevrolet Express look like?

The Chevrolet Express, which was far more aerodynamic than its predecessor, borrowed most of its exterior style from the Chevrolet Astro mid-size van (including its flush-mounted outside glass), while its grille was inspired from various Chevrolet C/K pickup truck grades.

What is a Chevrolet City Express Cargo Van?

A rebranded Nissan NV200, the Chevrolet City Express cargo van was offered in North America and competed against the Ford Transit Connect and the Ram ProMaster City. In contrast to its bigger namesake, the Chevrolet City Express was exclusively available via Chevrolet dealerships.

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How tall is Chevy Express inside?

The maximum height allowed inside the Express is 52.9-53.4 inches. Both the 2500 and the 3500 have seating for up to 5 people and are equipped with 39.8 inches of front headroom, 41.3 inches of front legroom, and 68.8 inches of front shoulder space in the front. With a maximum load capacity of 313.9 cubic feet, the Chevrolet Express cargo van offers a lot of room.

How long is a Chevy Express 15 passenger van?

The conventional wheelbase layout has a distance between the axles of 135.2 inches, while the Express Passenger Van’s measurements include a total length of 224 inches in its overall configuration. Its height is from 84.5-84.7 inches, and its width is 79.25 inches.

What is the inside height of a cargo van?

Vehicles that are similar are compared.

Compact Cargo Van Cargo Van
Interior Height* 52′ 65′
Interior Width* 48′ 55′
Miles Per Gallon (estimate)** 24 mpg 13 mpg
Payload Up to 1,480 lbs Up to 3,700 lbs

Are Chevy Express 2500 vans reliable?

The Chevrolet Express 2500 has a reliability rating of 3.0 out of 5.0, which places it seventh out of 21 commercial vans in terms of dependability. The average yearly repair cost is $877, indicating that it has greater ownership expenses than the national average.

What are the dimensions of the cargo area in a van?

Let’s have a look at the average cargo area dimensions (length-width-height) for each of the three vehicles: The following are the average dimensions for a compact van: 87″ 59″ 49″ The following are the average dimensions for a double-cabin van: 71″ 57″ 49″ The following are the typical dimensions for a double-cabin van (extra-long): 85″ 57″ 49″

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Are Chevy Express vans front wheel drive?

No, the Chevy Express Van does not come equipped with four-wheel drive. The all-wheel-drive system, on the other hand, was only offered on the 1500 series van, which has since been phased out due to changes in US vehicle defining laws. As a result, all of the current Chevy Express models are only available with a rear-wheel-drive transmission.

How long is the cargo space in a Chevy Express van?

The cargo compartment is 146.75 inches in length from the back to the seats. The cargo compartment is 173.65 inches in length from the rear to the console. The width of the cargo box at the wheel housings is 52.47 inches. The height of the cargo box is 53.78 inches.

How long is the longest Chevy van?

Chevrolet Express

Chevrolet Express GMC Savana
Length GMT600 1996–98 SWB: 218.8 in (5,558 mm) 1996–98 LWB: 238.8 in (6,066 mm) 1999–2002 SWB: 218.7 in (5,555 mm) 1999–2002 LWB: 238.7 in (6,063 mm) GMT610 2003–present SWB: 224.1 in (5,692 mm) 2003–present LWB: 244.1 in (6,200 mm) 2003–05 Savana LWB: 244.0 in (6,198 mm)

Does Chevy have a passenger van?

The roomy Express Passenger Van is designed for simple seat arrangements that allow you to comfortably fit your party while keeping them cool while still having plenty of room for luggage or additional cargo space.

Which van has the highest interior height?

The Ford Transit High Roof is the cargo van with the highest roof height. With a high roof, there are two Transit versions available: the Ford Transit High Roof and the Ford Transit High Roof Extended (see below). The internal load height for both high-roof variants is an impressive 81.5 inches in height (6 feet 9.5 inches).

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What height is a Ford Transit van?

5531/5981/6704 mm is the total length of the L2/L3/L4 vertebrae. Ford Transit low and high roof heights (H2/H3) are 2490 mm and 2781 mm, respectively. Ford Transit dimensions: Width with mirrors: 2474/2059 mm; Width without mirrors: 2474/2059 mm

How tall is a Ford Transit van in feet?

The Transit van measures 19.59 feet in length, 8.12 feet in width, and 8.13 feet in height, to give you an idea of its general dimensions.

How many miles can a Chevrolet Express last?

Here is the quick answer to how long the Chevrolet City Express lasts: The City Express is expected to last between 250,000 and 300,000 miles if it is maintained properly and is used responsibly. If you drive 20,000 miles per year, the van will last you up to 15 years if you maintain that level of usage.

What does 3500 mean on a van?

Trucks: 1500, 2500, and 3500 pound haulers Truck classifications used to be based on the amount of weight that each model could transport in tons. Although it was only a preliminary approximation, the following was the broad breakdown: 1500: A half-ton of weight. 1500: Three-Quarter-Ton (three-quarter ton). One ton is 3500 pounds.

How much is a Chevy Express van?

Pricing for the Chevrolet Express in 2022 Chevy Express prices start at $33,300 for the cargo van, $38,200 for the passenger van, and $32,900 for the cutaway version of the vehicle in 2022. The base price of the LT variant of the passenger van is $39,300. The V8 engine is available as an option throughout the whole model lineup for $1,695.