How Tall Is A Mercedes Sprinter Van?

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans are available in a number of different heights. The external heights of cargo vans range from 96.3 inches to 111.3 inches, while the heights of passenger vans range from 113.5 to 117.6 inches, and the heights of crew vans begin at 107.3 inches and rise to 111.3 inches.

What is the height of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van?

2020 & 2021 Sprinter Van Line-Up Interior Standing Height (in.) Overall Height (in.)
Sprinter Cargo Van 4×4 – High Roof 79.1 111.3
Sprinter Crew Van 65.3 97.9
Sprinter Crew Van- High Roof 76.7 109.1
Sprinter Crew Van 4×4 – Standard Roof 65.3 107.3

What is the height of a second generation Sprinter van?

  1. The Sprinter vans of the second generation are available in three different roof heights: H1, H2, and H3.
  2. The H1 has a 68.5-inch inside height, which is standard (or 1740 mm).
  3. The H2 stands at a height of 79.9 inches when standing (or 2030 mm).
  4. The H3 has a total internal height of 89 inches in total (or 2260 mm).
  5. Please keep in mind that these are the heights from the floor to the roof, not counting the ribs.

What’s the Mercedes Sprinter roof height?

Mercedes Sprinter roof height in millimeters: Roof height in millimeters Interior height (mm) of H1 H2 H3 1740 2030 2260 1740 2030 2260 The outside height (in millimeters) is 2530 2820 3050. Roof height in inches H1 H2 H3 Interior height (inches) 68.5 79.9 89 1 additional rows of roof height in inches

What are the dimensions of a 2006 Mercedes Sprinter van?

  1. The Mercedes Sprinter has three different interior heights: 68.5′ (H1), 79.9′ (H2), and 89′ (H3) (H3).
  2. 128 feet (SWB), 144.3 feet (MWB), and 170.3 feet (MWB) are the wheelbase lengths (LWB).
  3. On this model, the distance between the wheel arches is 53.1 inches.
  4. Do you like to sit at a table?
  5. To use the button, press it (scrolls down) The Sprinter 2006 is the second generation Sprinter Van, which was produced from 2006 to 2018.
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How tall is the tallest Sprinter van?

What is the height of the highest Sprinter van? The inside height of the Sprinter van with the highest roof is 89 inches (or 2260 mm). The outside height (also known as clearance) is 120.1 inches in height (or 3050 mm).

How tall is a 170 Sprinter?

Here are the measurements for the Sprinter Van with a 170-inch wheelbase: 105.8′ overall height, 77.8′ interior standing height, 178.2′ cargo length, overall height = 105.8′ overall length = 178.2′

How tall is a 144 Sprinter?

Sprinter Resource Chart (in PDF format) (2500 Crew Van – 6 Cylinder)

144′ WB 144′ WB
Vehicle Length, in 233.3 233.3
Vehicle Height, in 94.3 105.7
Vehicle Width, in 95.5 95.5
Overhang (Front), in 40.2 40.2

How tall is a Sprinter van with air conditioner?

67.7 inches (standard) to 79.1 inches (high roof) is the minimum standing height.

What is the height of a cargo van?

Vehicles that are similar are compared.

Compact Cargo Van Heavy Duty Cargo Van
Interior Length* 83′ 126′
Interior Height* 52′ 56′
Interior Width* 48′ 55′
Miles Per Gallon (estimate)** 24 mpg 12 mpg

How big is a Sprinter van in feet?

The Sprinter 144 measures 19.5 feet from bumper to bumper when measured from bumper to bumper. 10 feet and 5 inches is the amount of buildable space available between the rear seat of the driver and the back door. It is significantly shorter than the bumper to bumper distance. The car has a high-roof height of 6 feet 4 inches, which is impressive.

What is the length of a Mercedes Sprinter van?

Length of Van: The Sprinter Van is available in three different lengths, depending on the length of the wheelbase. The longest length is 233.5 inches, while the others are 274.3 inches and 290 inches. Typical roof heights are 96.3 inches, while the maximum roof height is 107.5 inches.

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What is the shortest Sprinter van?

With a total length of 19′ 4″, the Sprinter 144 is the shortest model in the Sprinter line-up of vehicles.

Will a Sprinter van fit in a garage?

With a total length of 19′ 4″, the Sprinter 144 is the shortest model in the Sprinter line-up.