How To Get From Quito To Banos?

The only method to travel to Baos is by bus, which may be taken from a number of different sites in Ecuador. Alternatively, you may take a cheap $1 cab from the bus station to your destination in Baos, which is located near the heart of town and within walking distance of most hotels and hostels. How to Get to Baos from Quito (Ecuador)

The most convenient way to get from Quito to Baos de Agua Santa without renting a car is to take the autobs, which takes 3h 29 minutes and costs $4 – $9.

¿Cuánto cuesta el boleto de Quito a Baños?

The most affordable mode of transportation from Quito – Terminal Quitumbe to Baos de Agua Santa is via taxi, which costs $4 – $8 and takes 3 hours.

¿Cómo ir de Quito a Baños en bus?

When traveling from Quito to the Baos de Agua Santa, you may take a bus that departs from the Terminal Terrestre de Quitumbe, which is located in the city’s southernmost reaches. The city of Baos is served by bus companies whose buses depart every 15 minutes with an ultimate destination of Baos as their destination.

¿Cuánto tiempo se hace de Quito a Baños?

Travel time: 3 hours and 15 minutes

¿Cuál es el costo del pasaje a Baños?


Empresa Salida Valor del pasaje
Transportes Baños 06:35 8 USD
Transportes Baños 07:35 8 USD
Transportes Baños 08:25 8 USD
Transportes Baños 11:20 8 USD

¿Cuánto cuesta la chiva en Baños?

The chiva is USD 5 and lasts for 2 hours and 30 minutes. The rental of bicycles is available 24 hours a day for between USD 5 and USD 10 each bicycle, and while cycling around the cascades takes around 3 hours, it is recommended that you return in one of the trucks that transport the bicycles.

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¿Cuánto cuesta la entrada al pailon del diablo?

After that, we arrive at the entrance to the park, where we can see the Pailon, which costs $2 and requires a 15- to 20-minute walk to see this spectacular waterfall.

¿Cómo moverse dentro de Quito?

Cómo moverse por Quito

  1. Transportation for the general public. The public transportation system in Quito includes the Metrobus system, the trole (el trolebs), which is a local favorite, and Ecova, a red-and-white bus system that you will recognize by its rooster-colored coaches.
  2. Taxi.
  3. \sCoche

¿Cuánto cuesta el pasaje de Quito a Atacames en bus?

Quito a Atacames

Hora de salida (24H) Asientos disponibles
Ida: 22:00:00 11,85 USD
Ida: 22:30:00 11,00 USD
Ida: 22:30:00 11,85 USD
Ida: 23:45:00 13,00 USD

¿Qué se puede hacer en Baños?

The most popular attractions in Baos are listed below.

  1. La Casa del Arbol (1.823)
  2. Ruta de las cascadas (1.418)
  3. Tungurahua (376) and La Aldea Mágica (376) are all located in the municipality of Cascadas. Parks with a variety of activities and themes.
  4. Cascading waterfall el Manto de la Novia. 133.
  5. church dedicated to Our Lady of the Holy Water (Nuestra Seora del Agua Santa) 498.
  6. animal park. granadas

¿Qué tiempo hay de Santo Domingo a Baños?

Yes, the distance between Santo Domingo de los Colorados and Baos de Agua Santa is 242 kilometers long while traveling by car. For the trip from Santo Domingo de los Colorados to Baos de Agua Santa, it will take around 3 hours and 45 minutes.

¿Cuánto cuesta el pasaje de Guayaquil a Baños?

The quickest way to go from Guayaquil’s Terminal Terrestre to Baos de Agua Santa is via cab, which costs between $100 and $130 and takes 4 hours and 28 minutes.

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¿Cuánto tiempo es de Guayaquil a Baños?

Tiempo de viaje: 6h.

¿Qué cuesta el pasaje de Esmeraldas a Baños?

The best way to get from Esmeraldas to Baos de Agua Santa without renting a car is to take the autobs, which takes 8 hours 51 minutes and costs $9 – $18.