How To Pronounce Kiev?

At Wednesday’s session, American politicians and officials usually sounded as if they were attempting to pronounce Kiev in Ukrainian rather than the way it is spoken in Russian, which was the case. While the pronunciation was sometimes similar to ″keev,″ at other times it sounded more like ″keev,″ with the lengthy ″ee″ being spoken as a single syllable.

How do you pronounce “Kid” in Ukrainian?

It was reported by The New York Times in 2019 that native Ukrainians emphasise the initial vowel, pronouncing it like the I in the words ″child″ and ″lid.″ Yuri Shevchuk, a lecturer in Ukrainian at Columbia University, agreed with this statement. The second vowel is spoken as a distinct syllable and has a sound similar to the ″ee″ sound in the word ″keel.″