Often asked: What Does Smo Code Stand For?

SMO CODE:(The SMO code is for the location/organization that the traveler is going to visit. Obtain this code from the POC before submitting the travel request. Visit requests without an SMO will not be processed.) NAME OF TRAVELER(S):(Provide the name of the traveler.

What is an SMO in security?

The SMO is a full-service operation with the capacity to manage personnel clearances, host classified contracts, and promote collaboration with other cleared facilities. University personnel security clearances are managed by the SMO under the authority of the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency.

What is SMO in Diss?

As we in industry prepare to transition to Defense Information System for Security (DISS), it is important that your Subject Management Offices (SMO) information is accurate. Ensure it contains the correct Facility clearance level (FCL) and identifies all Key Management Personnel (KMP).

What is a visit access request?

Visitors from other government agencies or cleared contracting companies that require access to FBI facilities and/ or classified information and IT systems for official business must certify their appropriate level of clearance.

What is a VAR in Jpas?

Visit Authorization Request (VAR) – Clearance Information If you are unable to submit your clearance through JPAS, send a Visit Authorization Request to: [email protected] b.

What does SMO stand for in Jpas?

Access to JPAS. 33. JPAS Access Requirements. The minimum requirement for JPAS access is Interim Secret eligibility. An active owning and/or servicing Security Management Office (SMO), with an active facility clearance.

How do I submit a CSR to diss?

1. Click on the Subject Actions button to display a drop- down menu for creating CSRs. 2. Select an option from the drop-down menu to create a CSR.

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What is a CSR in Diss?

DISS Tips and Tricks- Customer Service Request (CSR)

Is Jpas being replaced?

JPAS retires on March 31, 2021. JPAS is being replaced by the Defense Information Security System (DISS). This move is part of the new National Background Investigation Services (NBIS) system.

How do I get a diss account?

To obtain a new DISS account required to perform your job duties on behalf of a military service/OSD defense agency (applicants may be active duty military, civilians, or contractors), contact an established DISS Portal Hierarchy Manager or Account Manager within your military service/OSD Defense Agency.

How do I add a visit to diss?

 To add visitors, select Add Subject.  Enter visitor SSN in Add Subject line and click Add Subject.  Under the Subject Visit Access, select the access level you would like to use for the visit, make sure the entry is highlighted.

What is a VAR in government?

1. U.S. personnel should submit Visit Authorization Requests (VARs) to the Ansbach Security Management Office JPAS (SMO Code: W6FHAA6).

How do I submit a visit to Jpas?

The Joint Personnel Adjudication System is the preferred method for submitting visit requests to the Office of Naval Research. Companies or organizations not on JPAS must fax a visit request to the ONR Security Division at 703-696-5126 on company or organization letterhead.

Where is the National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual Nispom index found?

The NISPOM comes in the form of DoD 5220.22-M “National Industry Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM)”.