Quick Answer: What Is Maury Wine?

Maury is an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) for fortified vin doux naturel wines made in the Roussillon wine region of France. Almost all wines are red, made from at least 75% Grenache noir (Garnacha). The wines may also be aged in wood for up to 15 years. The resulting wines vary in depth and concentration.

Should Maury be served chilled?

Maury is a French appellation located in Roussillon that produces vin doux naturel—fortified wine styles with a high quantity of natural sugars. Maury wines should always be served slightly chilled.

How long does Maury wine last?

Natural sweet wines (e.g. Porto, Maury, Rivesaltes) can last 6 months after being opened.

How do you drink Banyuls?

You can drink it alone, or if you want to get really indulgent, pair it with desserts rich in chocolate or ripe berries. Unlike Port or other bolder fortified wines, Banyuls is something you can actually drink, enjoy, and stay awake; rather than sip, slowly melt into the couch, and pass out between throw pillows.

Where is Maury SEC?

Roussillon, France A northern point in France’s far southern Roussillon region, Maury is dominated by steep limestone cliffs and the castle of Queribus, which the French used as a defense outpost against the Spanish until 1659.

What do you eat with Maury?

In food and wine pairings, Maury is often served as an apéritif or as an accompaniment to foie gras, duck and strong blue cheeses. For dessert, aged Maury, much like Banyuls, is recognized as a suitable pairing for chocolate.

What is a Lambrusco wine?

Lambrusco is a red sparkling wine with a color that varies with the style. While some are a deep purply red, others are as light as rosé. There are over 60 related varieties of the Lambrusco grape, all native to Italy. The six most common are: Lambrusco Grasparossa.

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What is Rivesaltes wine?

Rivesaltes is a sweet, fortified wine from the Languedoc-Roussillon region of Southern France. With a resemblance in flavor notes and texture to a hearty tawny port, Madeira, and even a bit sherry-like, Rivesaltes can be made from a variety of grapes, including the Grenache grape.

How is Banyuls made?

Banyuls wines are made from grapes harvested in the early fall, when they reach a naturally high level of sweetness. The reds are fermented as whole berries, while the whites and rosés are fermented free from any pulp, seeds or skins.

What does Banyuls taste like?

Banyuls Vinegar is a wine vinegar that tastes somewhat like a cross between balsamic and sherry vinegar. It has an underlying taste of walnuts, with a hint of sweetness. It is not as harsh as red wine vinegar.

Is Banyuls a dessert wine?

Banyuls is a French appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC) for a fortified apéritif or dessert wine made from old vines cultivated in terraces on the slopes of the Catalan Pyrenees in the Roussillon county of France, bordering, to the south, the Empordà wine region in Catalonia in Spain.

Is Banyuls sherry?

Banyuls vinegar—a sherry -like vinegar from Southern France—is made from the naturally sweet wine of Banyuls (50% Grenache Noir, 40% Grenache Gris, 10% Carignan) and aged in oak barrels for 6 years. The vinegar has a forward tang with a hint of sweetness and subtle nuttiness.