Readers ask: Why Is Hay Stored In A Loft?

A hayloft is used for more permanent storage of hay. It is sheltered from the weather and where a modern-day attic would be. A struggle in any type of keeping hay is that it must be totally dry. Otherwise, when piled up in a hayloft, it will start to compost.

How do you store hay in a loft?

If your barn loft or storage area is a floor of old hay: clean it out. Do not store your hay directly on a dirt, gravel or a concrete floor. Moisture will travel up the stack and ruin the bottom layer. Lay a tarp on the ground, place pallets on top and stack the bales on the pallets.

What is the best place to store hay safely?

Square bales should be stored inside in a place that is not susceptible to roof leaks or storm runoff (that’s why it’s usually stored off the ground in a lofted area). Never stack bales all the way up to the ceiling, as they could make contact with a light, and will block circulation.

Can you store hay on the ground?

Never store hay directly on the floor or the ground. Doing this restricts air from circulating beneath the hay. Moisture will seep up from the damp ground and ruin the entire bale. By using pallets, you allow ventilation beneath the hay and prevent excess moisture.

How do you store hay safely?

Store hay where it’s accessible. Don’t stack hay higher than you can safely move it—this is especially important when stacking large round bales. And stack new hay behind older bales so you can feed the older hay first. Hay stacked on bare ground or concrete wicks moisture up through the bottom tiers, ruining the hay.

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How long can horse hay be stored?

Storing Hay You can store hay indefinitely if the stack is managed correctly; although, in humid climates, using hay within three years of harvest is ideal. Hay growers need to bale it at correct moisture levels because if it’s baled too damp the hay will generate heat, which leads to molding.

What is hay stored in?

To completely keep out moisture, outside haystacks can also be covered by tarps, and many round bales are partially wrapped in plastic as part of the baling process. Hay is also stored under a roof when resources permit. It is frequently placed inside sheds, or stacked inside of a barn.

Should hay be kept dry?

Storing hay under cover preserves dry matter, nutrients and quality and may reduce shrinkage by 30%. Storing hay under cover reduces spoilage and contamination. Stacks of hay should be separated to increase air flow between bales, provide good ventilation and allow access for tying down tarpaulins.

Why does hay spontaneously combust?

High-moisture haystacks and bales can catch on fire because they have chemical reactions that build heat. When hay’s internal temperature rises above 130 degrees Fahrenheit (55 degrees Celsius), a chemical reaction begins to produce flammable gas that can ignite if the temperature goes high enough.

Can you store hay in a tent?

Hay bale tents can accommodate hay bales in different shapes, and they keep hay off the ground where moisture might seep into it. Buying and setting up a hay storage tent is also cheaper than building a barn. So if you’re on a budget but want to keep your hay as safe and dry as possible, hay tents might be for you.

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How do you store hay at home?

Storing hay Your hay does best in the dark, where sun can’t damage it. It also does best in dry places, with lots of ventilation. That means basements are not a good place to store hay – they are dark, but typically the air flow is next to nothing. And dampness is usually a problem down there in the cellar.

How do you store hay without a barn?

Without a barn, you can adapt a large storage shed or cargo container. If you have to store hay outdoors, protect stacked hay with secured tarps or a plastic covering. Raise hay off bare ground using wood pallets or tires, or by building a pad of rocks or gravel.

Can you leave hay outside?

If hay is to be stored outside, it is desirable to locate the storage site close to the feeding area because bales become more difficult to handle as they weather. It is easier to move them a greater distance when they are new and tightly wrapped. Well-drained upland storage sites are best.

What is the best way to store hay outside?

The best option for storage is covering hay bales with tarps, which will help to prevent losses on hay stored outside.”

How do you store hay for horses?

Storing Hay for Horses

  1. Be sure hay is dry before stacking it in a barn or shed.
  2. Store hay in a dry place.
  3. Stacking the bottom layer of bales, and then every second layer, with the cut ends up and the twine or wire on the sides will encourage drying.
  4. Allow air circulation under and around the bales.