What Is The Average Temperature In Paris?

Throughout the four distinct seasons, the weather in Paris is typically pleasant. The average daily high temperature varies from 46°F (8°C) in the winter to 77°F (25°C) at the height of the summer season. Extreme cold or heat are quite unusual, however rain is a common occurrence.

What’s the coldest month in Paris?

Quick Climate Info
Hottest Month July (68 °F avg)
Coldest Month January (39 °F avg)
Wettest Month August (2.58′ avg)
Windiest Month March (9 mph avg)

What type of climate is Paris?

Paris has a continental climate, which means it has a temperate climate. While the winters are normally chilly, they are not below freezing, and the summers can be scorching, but only on rare occasions. During the whole year, there is a lot of rain, with significantly greater precipitation than in London.

Is Paris usually cold or hot?

  • The climate of Paris and the surrounding territory of Île-de-France is moderate and affected by the Atlantic Ocean: it is pretty cold but not freezing in the winter and pleasant warm in the summer; it is quite cold but not freezing in the winter and pleasant warm in the summer.
  • However, because it also contains certain continental traits, it may be extremely cold in the winter and extremely hot in the summer at times.

What is the average yearly temperature in France?

France typically has moderate winters and warm summers, with the exception of the Mediterranean region, which has mild winters and scorching summers on a regular basis. Temperatures in the winter range from 32° F to 46° F, and temperatures in the summer range from 61° F to 75° F on average. The southernmost region of the nation offers the most warmth and sunshine.

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Does Paris get snow?

Paris receives an average of 15 snow days each year, however it seldom receives more than a dusting of snow. According to reports, the snowfall on Tuesday night was the greatest amount since 1987.

Is it ever sunny in Paris?

Despite the fact that Paris receives an average of 15 snow days each year, it seldom receives more than a dusting of snow. Snowfall on Tuesday night was the biggest recorded since 1987, according to reports.

Does France get snow?

In general, winters in France are rather frigid, especially in the country’s more moderate coastal regions. Outside of the hilly regions of the Alps and Pyrenees, snowfall is quite uncommon. It is common for temperatures to drop below zero, with typical temperatures ranging from 32 F to 45 F, depending on the location, throughout the winter.

When was the last time it snowed in Paris?

Snow has been scarce in Paris in recent years, but the city was blanketed in a beautiful white blanket in February of this year, causing many to take to the hills (Buttes-Chaumont being a popular choice) with their skis to make the most of the beautiful weather conditions.

What is France known for food?

  1. France’s top five culinary delights Cassoulet. There is a particular meal that has acquired popularity in southern France: Cassoulet (sometimes called Oeufs en Meurette). You should stop for brunch if you ever find yourself in Burgundy in the middle of the morning and sample this French variation on poached eggs.
  2. Bouillabaisse
  3. Religieuse au chocolat
  4. Baguette au fromage
  5. Bouillabaisse
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What is the coldest city in France?

The town is well-known for having the lowest temperature ever recorded in the country.

Country France
Region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté
Department Doubs
Arrondissement Pontarlier

Is France colder than UK?

In general, the average daytime temperature in France is higher than the average daytime temperature in England. The greatest disparity occurs during the summer months, when the south of France is substantially hotter than the northern England, which is significantly colder. The weather in the two capitals is remarkably similar, as you can see by clicking here.

How hot is Paris in July?

Generally speaking, July temperatures in Paris range from cold to very mild, with average highs of roughly 66 degrees F. In recent years, however, significant heatwaves have periodically hit the region, notably in late July, with temperatures reaching into the 90s on a few occasions.

How cold is Paris at Christmas?

December in Paris is chilly and usually gloomy, with temperatures dipping into the teens. There will be some days, though, when the sky will be partially to mostly clear and sunny. Throughout the month, daytime high temperatures are usually in the mid-40s F (6-8C), with a few of the warmer afternoons, particularly early in the month, reaching the mid-50s F (6-8C) (13-14C).