Where Is Paris Tennessee Located?

Paris is a city located in and the county seat of Henry County in the state of Tennessee, United States of America. According to the most recent census, the city has a population of 10,316 people. A copy of the Eiffel Tower, standing 70 feet (21 meters) tall, may be seen in the southern section of Paris.

What was the population of Paris Tennessee in 1900?

Paris, Tennessee had 2,018 residents in 1900, 3,881 residents in 1910, and 6,395 residents in 1940. The city has a total population of 9,763 people according to the 2000 census. It serves as the county seat of Henry County, Missouri.

What major city is near Paris Tennessee?

Paris, Tennessee had a population of 2,018 in 1900, 3,881 in 1910, and 6,395 in 1940, according to the United States Census Bureau. It had a total population of 9,763 people in 2000, according to the census. Henry County is headquartered at this city.

Is Paris TN near Nashville TN?

Paris, Tennessee, is a tiny village located around 120 miles west of Nashville and only a short distance from the Big Sandy River, which runs through it. When in the neighborhood or on a road trip through the Volunteer State, we strongly advise you to stop in.

Where is Paris TN at?

Located in Henry County, Paris, Tennessee is roughly 60 miles northeast of Jackson and 60 miles west of Clarksville. It is the county seat. The trade area serves residents of four Tennessee counties and is bordered by the state of Kentucky.

How far is Paris TN from Nashville TN?

The entire driving distance between Paris, TN and Nashville, TN is 113 miles (182 kilometers) and takes around 1 hour.

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Is Paris Tennessee a safe place to live?

In general, this town is a great area to raise a family and live. Living here is safe, as long as you know how to drive and swim, and as long as you don’t accidently burn your house ablaze while you’re at it. The number of new enterprises opening in town each year ranges between 3 and 8 every year, on average.

Does Paris TN have tornadoes?

The danger of tornado damage in Paris is greater than the average for Tennessee, and it is significantly higher than the average for the United States.

What body of water is in Paris TN?

Frances Landing State Park is an 841-acre park located on the western side of the Tennessee River, which has been dammed in order to create Kentucky Lake (160,000 acres). With its location on the broadest portion of the lake, the park is ideally suited for all water sports, including fishing, boating, and waterskiing.

How did Paris Tennessee get its name?

On September 23, 1823, the town of Paris was created as the county seat, making it the oldest incorporated community in West Tennessee. The town was named after the French capital in honor of Lafayette, who paid a visit to Tennessee in the early 1800s and inspired the decision to name the town after the city.

Where is Henry Co Tennessee?

The population was 32,199 at the time of the 2020 census. Paris serves as the county seat. Patrick Henry, a Virginia orator and American Founding Father, was given the honor of naming the county. The Henry County Micropolitan Statistical Area includes the city of Paris, Tennessee. Henry County is located in the state of Tennessee.

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Henry County
State Tennessee
Founded 1821
Named for Patrick Henry
Seat Paris